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Aug 08 2011

John Kerry Laughably Blames Tea Party for Debt Downgrade

The extreme contempt in which our liberal rulers hold our intelligence may yet be their downfall. After the grotesque expansion of unaffordable government spending inevitably resulted in a downgrade of our credit rating, Hanoi John Kerry and other Dems have taken this contempt to a new extreme by asking us to believe that it’s the fault of those who want to reduce government spending:

“I believe this is, without question, the tea party downgrade,” Sen. John F. Kerry, Massachusetts Democrat, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, a day that also saw mounting anxieties in world markets over the downgrade among myriad other economic woes worldwide. …

David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to President Obama, used the exact same phrase in dubbing the credit rating drop the “tea party downgrade,” as Democrats tried to position themselves as reasonable, pragmatic leaders and conservative Republicans as irresponsible ideologues who caused the downgrade by refusing to accept any new taxes.

Standard & Poor’s lowered the federal leviathan’s credit rating from AAA to AA+ explicitly because the government will not take meaningful steps toward controlling its massive debt. Raising taxes at this point would not lower the debt, because it would further cripple the economy, reducing the wealth available for socialist bureaucrats to expropriate. There’s nothing to steal from people who have been driven out of business. The debt crisis can only be alleviated by taking a chainsaw to government spending, which continues to rocket through the stratosphere thanks to the likes of Kerry, as the Tea Party is regrettably not in a position to stop the insanity.

The absurdity of blaming the Tea Party for the effects of government bloat is too vast even for a public that gets its news from Jon Stewart to fail to notice. There will be a backlash against those who are destroying our country.

AA+ and dropping. Compliments of Cons.Underground.

On a tip from G. Fox.

45 Responses to “John Kerry Laughably Blames Tea Party for Debt Downgrade”

  1. OiloveInAOlivegarden says:

    Websters Definition of John Kerry = Ass Puppet #1.

  2. Alan says:

    When the nation needs to do something difficult, conservatives have to make the liberals show enough backbone to vote for it, and then the liberals will immediately blame the convservatives for everything.

    Democrats fretted about WMD in Iraq and voted for the use of force. Then when a few things got broken, they retreated and left Bush at the front line, like a modern day Uriah, to take the political arrows.

  3. Lentenlands says:

    The demonrat playbook is obviously lie and accuse your righteous opponents of what you are doing. The Tea Party stands for fiscal accountability while the marxists are spending us into destruction. the marxist libs and neocons borrowed all the trillions, yet the Tea Party are called racist homophobe terrorists while the real terrorists like Kerry that are ruining America are continuing the cloward-piven nightmare.

    Consider that the recent S&P’s Marxist-Progressive-Leftist-Liberal-Democrat-Obama Downgrade Of America is simply consistent with Obama’s marxist ideology.

    Collapsing the economy, creating anarchy and starting a civil war has always been the goal of the marxists plotting to destroy the American Dream and marxist Barry Obama is no exception. Obama’s marxist college professors, Cloward and Piven, were quite forthright in their efforts to formulate a method to collapse the economy to destroy America and usher in a marxist tyranny of slavery and death.

    “The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis, the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.”

    Our Manchurian President is simply a treasonous usurper partying, vacationing and golfing as his marxist plan of destruction unfolds. Obama and his pals are TERRORISTS destroying YOUR Nation and future.

    It’s time to wake up America and do something about it!

  4. Davis says:

    What can I say except that the wheels are coming off. Gold broke through the $1700.00 mark on the Asian markets this morning. Both the DAX and STOXX markets in Germany openrd down nearly 20%. Rumors are swirling that the SocGen bank in France and UniCredit in Italy are on the verge of collapse. As much as some have decried the S&P down grade of US Treasuries it’s psycological impact will be small compared to what will happen when the down grade allmost all Municiple Bonds this morning. Gee I wonder why it was announced that “Rule 48” will be imposed this morning before the market even opened.

    Good Luck! When tipping points are reached its like Wylie Coyote has finally looked down and realized he has indeed steped off the edge of the clifF.

  5. Seamus says:

    He’s just following the left’s playbook… deflect, deflect, deflect. Did anyone expect anything else?

  6. Wyatt's Torch says:

    Kerry is doing what they’ll all be doing in the coming days: accuse.

    He knows a lot of Americans aren’t following this very closely, so you simply say “IT’S HIS FAULT” and hope, with 100 percent complicity from the media, that it works.

    Kerry and all those who will dutifully repeat the new “TEA PARTY DOWNGRADE” mantra are simply following orders from the King of Accusers.

    Eventually, they will be rebuked. Just ask Michael.

  7. Carolyn says:

    I agree, I ,as a tea party member, am responsible for this downgrade. I insist that the government balance thier checkbooks, stop spending, and get out of my business. It is my fault that I expect my government to do that which they expect me to do,… learn to live on less, and “eat my peas”.
    I am to blame. I will take full credit for this downgrade, if, and only if, the president takes the blame for putting this unbalanced checkbook into the public.
    If I could get a raise on my credit, would it make me less in debt? or more in debt?
    If I got that raise in my credit, and went out and spent it in less than 24 hours, would it give confidence to my creditors that I am “budgeting correctly”? I would hope so, my president thinks so,.. so shouldn’t that mean that I can do the same thing?
    I am an irresponcible spender, I love the good life. Someone else should pay for my lifestyle.

  8. Jimbo says:

    They can’t blame BUSH anynore – so they get right to the heart of the matter: Liberals blame personal LIBERTY on every woe that befalls them.

    Liberals HATE liberty. The thought of personal liberties makes assholes like sKerry wake in the night in a cold sweat.

    BLOCKBUSTER NEWS FLASH: I hate liberals much more than they hate me. John Kerry is scum. That is undeniable. It has been proven.

  9. Keith in Seattle says:

    John Kerry needs to go back to squeezing tomatoes for his wife and get out of politics since he’s pretty much irrelevant at this point.

  10. Dookiestain LaFlair says:

    The downgrade is just payback for the investigation into the ratings agency.


    John Kerry is a blabbering stupid liberal demacRAT too stupid to know he is stupid

  12. Garpin says:

    Carolyn I agree.

    This IS a teaparty downgrade, but not for the reason Mr. “I don’t have to pay taxes on my boat” Kerry implies. It’s because we as a collective in the congress didn’t find some way to FORCE spending cuts down the throats of the entrenched career politicians that in whole or in part created the mess we are in.

    Everyone seems to be focused on the 1.5 T yearly and ever increasing deficit/debt instead of the 60+T unfunded liabilities we have yet to finance.

    Remove the income tax completely, institute a flat tax/vat tax and undo the rootball of regulations and corporate taxes that have handicapped and driven industry from inside our shores.

    2012: The year the tea party cops break up the other parties outright theft of our children’s legacy.

  13. Screwy Puppy says:

    The Tea-Party is the majority?

  14. baseballguy says:

    Blaming the tea party for this is like the drunk who blames AA for his problem.

  15. A. Levy says:

    So now the make-believe “war hero” is an expert on the economy? Why wasn’t he the expert last year, or the year before that, or the year before that? There’s an endless parade of these elected lying crooks on TV, and they’re all saying the same thing. “I have an idea to fix the problem”. Fix the problem? YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!

    The so-called “solutions” are coming from the same crooks who created the problem! Who, in their right mind would believe anything these liars say? Oh, wait a minute. I should say, “who, except for the voters”. They’re still out there. We can’t forget them, especially since THEY are the real cause of this mess.

  16. Hedgeog says:

    Shouldn’t he be windsurfing off Martha’s Vineyard with the beautiful people, or cruising on his yacht (Tax Dodge) off the coast of Rhode Island? He must be really worried that the proles might have figured out that he and his ilk are the ones responsible for this mess. Tea Party downgrade. Really? Good luck selling that Lurch.

  17. FrankW says:

    I’ve noticed something on the response to S&P’s downgrade. The conservatives (Tea Party-type, not RINO version) have consistently pinned the downgrade on reckless spending. The libs and entrenched Rethuglicans seem to have a shotgun approach blame everyone but themselves and do it often. So far the Tea Party in particular, Republicans in general, the constitution, the military, and the Kochs have all been anointed as the bad guys. Bammy and the boyz even blamed S&P for the downgrade claiming S&P was incompetent and miscalculated. Bammy has raised the art of blame-storming to greater heights than it has ever known.

  18. TED says:

    John Kerry!!?? ROTFLMAO!!! Another brain-dead half-wit the left tried to make president. BUT, he wasen’t big enough loser like Obama.


  19. Kanaka Girl says:

    S&P ADMITTED that we wouldn’t have been downgraded if Congress would have passed Cut, Cap and Balance. Can’t wait to see how the Marxist tries to blame THAT on Bush.

    As for Kerry…does anyone else have a problem with a sitting US Senator TELLING the media what and who they can cover? What the hell is wrong with the citizens of MASS? Kerry and Barney Frank….SERIOUSLY?

  20. TexasDoc says:

    Okay Mr. Lurch:

    You can choose between “The Foodstamp President” or “President Downgrade” for your idolatrous Chairman Zero.

    As for you, “Senator Tax Dodge” and “Senator Gigolo” are our choices.

  21. TED says:

    You would think the left would have this Blame Game down to a science – BUT – they still look like morons when they play it. MAN you’d have to be stupid to buy it! Oh that’s right, they’re Obama voters!

  22. chuck in st paul says:

    No, no. You just don’t get it. If only we’d raped.. er, ah, raised the taxes on evil rich people and monstrous corporate profits then there wouldn’t have been a downgrade due to the trillions of new dollars brought into the Treasury. It says so right here in my college text on economics by Samuelson with side notes by Professor Obama.

    Those dirty rotten teabaggers stopped us from Utopia! [/sarc, for those like our idiot trolls that can’t tell the difference]

  23. Karin says:

    It will be interesting to see some polling on this in the coming days. Nothing on Ras today on it.

  24. TED says:

    There is NO mistake the DOW knows who is at fault…

    Dow Jones Industrial Average plunges 500 points following President Obama’s talk about S&P’s downgrade of America’s debt.

    Again the moron opened his mouth!

  25. mark smitrh says:

    If we only that half the amount of common sense that we have stupidity in Washington this would be even a greater nation, but the stupidity never ceases to a maze me.

  26. wingmann says:

    john kerry…aka: Lurch.

    I wish the morning after pill was around in his day.

  27. Festivus says:

    Where is lao to defend Obama’s stock market now?

  28. Bob Roberts says:

    My real concern is that people keep electing these idiots, suggesting that they, along with those they elect, may really believe this nonsense that those who are trying to FIX the problem are the cause of it!

  29. Bob Roberts says:

    Obviously the goal of the left, which they’re very open about, is to bring down the capitalist system (by meddling with it so it’s more socialist than capitalist and thus cause it to collapse under it’s own weight) and then claim that “capitalism is a proven failure” even though it’s the only hope for success.

    The only way this is the fault of the Tea Party is that they did not have enough support to do the right thing so they failed in that respect. Hopefully we will fix that issue in 2012 and we can get down to business.

    And yes, it’s not just the reduced increase in federal spending (there were no cuts, just reductions in planned increases) that was the issue – it’s the huge ball of unfunded liabilities due to the socialist programs (Social Security, Medicare, etc.) that the left has illegally implmented in direct violation of the Constitution, which is why they are trying to eliminate it (so they can implement more of the same).

  30. Bob Roberts says:

    DJIA lost 634, S&P down 6.66%.
    Clearly the markets see the Obamunist line is dragging us to destruction and are responding accordingly.

  31. Hedgeog says:

    They see the handwriting on the wall. When the welfare checks can’t be cashed, when the Food Stamp cards are refused, there will be hell to pay from Kerry’s constituents. This whole “Tea Party Downgrade” meme is designed to deflect anger to the Tea Party. And they have portrayed the Tea Party as a bunch of rich white racists. Kerry is hoping that the peeps take to the streets. He and the rest of the Commies do not care who gets hurt, as long as it is not them. The really laughable aspect of this is that they sent out Thurston B. Howell III as the messenger. These people are shameless. (Oh Thurston…Thurston, how did our portfolio do today? No need to worry, Lovey. We sold short. How’s your cocktail?)

  32. Alan says:

    America still has a AAA rating. Obama just declared it. That’s how affirmative action works.

  33. Belfast says:

    So tea party has passed beyond being ignored, past being laughed at, has now reached being fought.
    Next step, victory.
    Well done everyone. Didn’t win everything, won enough for the next round.

  34. Wyatt's Torch says:

    Funny how a story like this has no troll action.

    Could it be that even THEY are finding it hard to say “It’s the TEA PARTY” with a straight face?

    But not to worry: Obama is now going to “pivot” and focus on “jobs” (i.e. hiring more government bureaucrats). That should fix everything.

    Can you believe this asshole is still in power?

  35. TonyD95B says:

    RE: baseballguy at August 8, 2011 at 11:58 am”

    “Blaming the tea party for this is like the drunk who blames AA for his problem.”

    Bernard Goldberg cited a similar comment left on the Fox News website:

    “Blaming the Tea Party for the downgrade is like blaming the guy that called 911 for the fire”.

  36. Spurwing Plover says:

    kerry is like those antidrug ads using a frying egg and THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS,ANY QUESTIONS? yeah the answer is JOHN KERRY is idiot

  37. TexasDoc says:

    Debbie Wotzername-Shitz said the Demos own the economy now. They own the downgrade too.

  38. Conan says:

    All I needed to know about this piece of liberal shit, I learned here.



  40. bobdog says:

    President Kerry. Kinda sticks in your throat, don’t it? Kinda tastes like, um, vomit.

  41. oldguy says:

    Like Soylent Green, the Tea Party is people. Kerry thinks there is an entity called the Tea Party that he can attack. All he is seeing are shadows on the wall. What a stupid man!

  42. Coldwarrior57 says:

    JFK should SFTU!

  43. RUKiddingMe says:

    Why do I bother trying to point out factual reality to you people… but here goes nothing…

    The Tea Party was the reason a real sweeping compromise did not happen. If we were actually interested in balancing the budget and reducing the deficit, then we would of course be talking about raising revenue. Increasing taxes on the richest people in America who already live the American Dream. And of course removing all the nonsense subsidies for oil, agriculture, and so forth. But to the incredibly unintelligent Tea Partiers, the idea of any revenue at all is anathema. You may not know why… but you sure do ‘know’ it.

    When the Tea Party forced that entire conversation off of the table… you HURT AMERICA. If you were truly interested in the future, you would be in favor of anything that decreases the debt and increases future balance sheets’ black ink. But you aren’t. You want the government to have zero power (unless it is the power to deny rights to women and gay people, of course)… and only because you dont like Obama. You would hate anyone with a D next to their name… but in the end, your raw intellectual inconsistency makes you the butt of jokes for the people smart enough to see it. (This is why the Tea Party is GREAT for Obama… when the ‘normal’ R voter like my father turns green at the idea of voting for one of the Tea Party assclowns. If pops is gonna vote for Obama this time around… you guys need to take that step back and ask yourself WHY. The answer may surprise you, or may not, but that answer appears to be ‘the Tea Party is intellectually unserious and has no real agenda beyond hating Obama’. Not gonna win elections with that, folks.

    I know you aren’t smart enough to understand that, since it wasn’t given to you as a talking point on FauxNews, but it is certianly accurate.

  44. RUKiddingMe says:

    Oh and PS the stock market is already recovering. I assume that all the douchebags who were ‘rooting’ for a drop of thousands of points will now be apologizing for assuming the worst?

    (Of course not. You ONLY assume the worst. It is the defining characteristic of the Tea Party. Ain’t you proud of that?!)

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