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Oct 23 2013

John McAfee on ObamaCare Software

Software experts discuss the “mindboggling” incompetence that characterizes Obama’s

The emerging consensus is that ObamaCare was deliberately designed to fail catastrophically, placing the Regime in a position to impose full-blown socialized medicine. Here’s a more radical theory: Obama is actually a closet patriot who is only pretending to be a closet communist so as to demonstrate why statism must be avoided at all costs.

On a tip from Healthcare Goes to the ER.

9 Responses to “John McAfee on ObamaCare Software”

  1. The emperor voided that amendment by decree says:

    hacker means an elite programmer who never quits:

  2. Dr. 9 says:

    Could it be that we’re all being distracted again by the Marxist-in-Chief’s slight-of-hand? Could it be that his healthcare program is such a massive mess because it was meant to be?

    Last summer, Harry (the worm) Reid gave an interview to a small Nevada radio station, and when asked about why the Obamacare program was such a mess, he was quoted as saying, “it was designed to fail so that a single payer-system (socialized medicine) would then be much more acceptable“. Did he accidentally tell us what to expect, and why, and are we too dumb to see it?

  3. Winston Smith says:

    Its not just the website but people getting cancellation notices of existing insurance, doctors telling patients they are closing down, work hours being cut and downsizing of full time staff to evade Obamacare for companies with just over 50 employees, etc.

    Which is many correctly argued it should be allowed to collapse under its own weight betwee Oct 1st and next November. Before this happened there is no way Democrats would have voted for even delays – and the only result was Republicans being used as chew toys by the media taking the focus off Obamacare and distracting people with the faux government shutdown. Several Democrat Senators are now pushing for a delay of this thing. But as time goes on it will be apparent to voters that the problem isnt just the website but the entire monstrosity that is ObamaScare.

    People should set up Obamacare themed haunted houses of horror to teach the kiddies about Socialism. LOL! First stop – PCs where the kids get to try and set up accounts on the Cannuck produced website that doesnt work….moving on the Unemployment room of doom…. then on to overcrowded waiting rooms of the few doctors willing to participate in delivering care under Obamascare… the possibilities are endless.

  4. SNuss says:

    Look! More politicians calling for ObamaCare to be delayed. So, they must be racists, right?

    More Democrats push for delay in Obamacare mandate

    Oh, the hypocrisy!

  5. Son of Taz says:

    Tech geeks are often very left of center, but when they see bad design, they’ll say what they think.

    The figure the communists spent is $600 million on the software. That would buy a lot of code for sites such as Google and Amazon.

    Welcome to the revolution folks. You’ve just had your first colonoscopy courtesy of the Federal government.

    How’d it feel? And, stay in that position because it ain’t over yet.

  6. Hill says:

    Look, government waste on health care related websites that are supposed to modernize and make it all easier is nothing new. The only people who ever come out ahead are the “consultants” and their cronies.

    Learn from the UK. Tony Blair’s NHS IT infrastructure overhaul.

    -It was 5 years late-and never really finished.
    -It was so poorly put together even contractors abandon the project half way through.
    -Some jackass thought it was a good idea for Microsoft and Google to host the system. Think on that? Data mining loving Google guarding your personal medical records!?
    -Dr.’s who were critical of the system were seen as subversive and IT specialist who told the truth and said it couldn’t be done lost contracts.
    -Overspend on project that was supposed to be a few hundred million pounds ended around £12 billion, and allegedly still fees are still being paid out two years after it was shelved.

    All of that waste for the entire project to shelved 10 years later.

    Government hubris + crazily ambitious timeframes = zero success and monetary waste.

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