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May 24 2018

John McDonnell: Collapsing Socialist Venezuela Is Not Socialist

Millennials may embrace socialism because they are too inexperienced to resist their brainwashing, but how is it that political veterans like the British Labour Party Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell glean nothing from the tragic consequences of imposing socialism, both past and present? Rather than learn, they stick their fingers in their ears, close their eyes, and shout ludicrous lies:

When asked if Venezuela was a failed socialist economic model, McDonnell said: “It went wrong. I don’t think it is a socialist country.

“I think it took a wrong turn when Chávez went and I think unfortunately since then, I don’t think they have been following the socialist policies that Chávez developed. And as a result of that they’re experiencing problems.”

If it doesn’t work, it must not be true socialism. Not much of an argument, but it’s the only counterpoint socialists have against the deafening roar of history as it continues to unfold.

If only it were true that Venezuela is no longer socialist. Then the rebuilding could begin. The country’s abundant resources could be exploited, and people would once again have food, medicine, toilet paper, jobs, safety, and freedom.

If it is up to McDonnell, we will soon be saying the same about Britain.

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