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Feb 26 2019

John Wayne Begins Forced March to Memory Hole

Last week, possibly in a pathetic attempt to deflect from the implosion of the Jussie Smollett hoax, liberals dug up an interview from 1971 and used it to denounce John Wayne as a thought criminal:

Wayne’s most shocking statement, which was not shocking when he said it because political correctness had not yet reached today’s frightening levels of hysterical totalitarianism, was as follows:

“I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility.”

Any white male who ever lived must justify his existence by retroactively complying with today’s liberal dogma. Those who do not are frog-marched to the Memory Hole. Even the Duke is no exception. This prominent icon of American culture at its best will now be erased, starting with an airport in Santa Ana:

John Wayne Airport is located in Orange County, where Wayne lived for most of his adult life.

Michael Hiltzik of the Thought Police thunders that the airport’s name must be changed.

“Orange County today is such an economically and ethnically diverse community that it’s hard to justify asking any member of that community to board planes at an airport named after an outspoken racist and homophobe, with his strutting statue occupying a central niche in front of the concourse,” Hiltzik wrote in a Los Angeles Times opinion piece.

Orange County’s decision to name the airport for Wayne in 1979 may have reflected the county’s strong conservative leanings at the time, Hiltzik wrote. But in recent years progressive politics has slowly made inroads in the region.

Let that be a lesson to the last genuine Americans. Do not let progressives achieve dominance in your neck of the woods, or they will erase anything deemed “problematic” according to their ideology. That means anything worth keeping.

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