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Apr 30 2019

Johnny Rotten Fed Up With Homeless Situation

Decades after the Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten (aka John Lydon) is still a rebel. He used to rebel against the bloated dinosaurs of the glamorous rock and roll establishment. Now he rebels against the bloated dinosaurs of liberal ideology — like uncritical reverence of the homeless.

Lydon lives in Venice Beach, a part of Los Angeles that has become swamped by the willfully homeless (see here and here). Well-to-do liberal residents are expected to tug their chins thoughtfully as they recite bromides on the culpability of capitalism, then continue to vote for the leftists who are actually responsible for the zombie apocalypse that is California’s homelessness epidemic.

“A couple of weeks ago I had a problem,” he said. “They came over the gate and put their tent inside, right in front of the front door. It’s like . . . the audacity. And if you complain, what are you? Oh, one of the establishment elite? No, I’m a bloke that’s worked hard for his money and I expect to be able to use my own front door.”

He added that his wife Nora, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, isn’t able to cope with bums trying to “steal the iron bars off the windows” for the scrap metal and bricks coming through his windows.

As for the beach,

“And the heroin spikes . . . You can’t take anyone to the beach because there’s jabs just waiting for young kids to put their feet in — and poo all over the sand.”

The one in 10 homeless who are regular people fallen upon hard times have everyone’s sympathy. The other nine — consisting of lunatics, addicts, and tramps — are enabled in their sociopathic lifestyle by moonbattery. That’s why there is a correlation between their numbers and the leftism of local politicians.

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