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Jan 14 2018

Jordan Peterson Debunks White Privilege

Since race isn’t the only way to play off malcontents against the core population, the shallow, adolescent concept of “white privilege” is giving way to “intersectionality.” But as Jordan Peterson points out, “The logical conclusion of intersectionality is individuality” — and that’s the last place cultural Marxists want to go:

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

9 Responses to “Jordan Peterson Debunks White Privilege”


    Look at who is taking Little Dick Turban;s word over Trump’s..

    From her own website:

    “Her parents fled Haiti to escape from political corruption taking with them
    the powerful hope that comes from the possibility of freedom.”

    yet it’s racist to say Haiti is a shithole..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Only if Trump supposedly said it for Democrats…

  3. rambler says:

    Losers always have to find excuses for their failures. It is easier to be a victim than to take responsibility, acquire skills and to succeed in spite of hardships.

  4. physicsnut says:

    wanna see where this ‘white privilege’ thing came from ?
    Check out the book

    “Family Circle”
    by Susan Braudy

    That is about KATHY BOUDIN – you know, the Weather Underground
    jerkette who almost got blown up in that manhattan townhouse
    explosion – and then went on to rob the Nanuet Bank in Nyack.
    too bad it is not in the index –
    see pages 165, 180, 190, 198, 215

    Diversity is just a smokescreen for DIVIDE AND RULE

  5. Nick Testa says:

    I don’t know why people can’t see this – I do know – because the progressives goal is to keep people stupid so they don’t know this. Because a united country full of independent free thinkers would certainly lead to the demise of progressives so the progressive establishment needs to stir the pot and ensure we all hate one another and plenty of brainwashed progressives are more than happy to oblige.

    The only privilege that exists is among elitist establishment progressive politicians that keep blacks poor, stupid and reliant on government in an attempt to create resentment, and the racist progressive degenerates point at the white guy and say “he did it, it’s all his fault” when in reality there is a government conspiracy among mostly white progressives to keep blacks poor and in the ghetto… Why? because democrats pretend they can fix the problem, and voting democrat is surely a start… You know, because democrats are the good guys because they support welfare (table scraps) and how could a negro possibly eat if it wasn’t for the democrats?

    The truth is, those with intelligence that really don’t like you (progressive government) won’t kill you – they will make you kill yourself.. That’s something the average progressive voter doesn’t understand, that progressive politicians aren’t trying to help or solve problems – they create all of our problems then pretend they have solutions…. That’s how they keep power….. It’s pure evil, and I wish more people would expose the progressive party for what it is and that is the devil..

  6. Nick Testa says:

    Wait a minute, are you trying to imply Haiti is a shithole?

  7. Hazel says:

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