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Apr 04 2019

Jorge Ramos Demands America Surrender

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos has a solution to the escalating crisis at the border. He says the USA should surrender to the invaders on the grounds that “there is really nothing we can do to stop them.”

Oh yes there is, Jorge. Sovereign nations have been defending their borders from invasion for centuries. If for just 5 minutes, the USA were to behave as if it wanted to continue existing, this existential crisis would be justly resolved for the cost of a few dozen machine gun rounds.

But if we don’t have the will to defend ourselves, Ramos is right; we may as well just lower Old Glory, hoist the Salvadoran flag, and resign ourselves to subsisting as slaves of a welfare state that redistributes the wealth we create to foreign invaders.

Behold the wisdom of the anti-American media:

Nobody likes illegal immigration, so let’s do away with it by making all immigration legal. Americans are hard workers; we can support hordes of foreign parasites for years on end before their massive numbers cause everything to collapse.

Speaking of numbers, note that Ramos has whittled the “12 million” lie so popular in the media down to 10.7 million. The actual number of illegal aliens infesting our country is several times higher and climbing rapidly.

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