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Apr 10 2020

Journal Nature Subordinates Reality to Cultural Marxism

We have come to a pretty pass when a prestigious journal like Nature kowtows to political correctness at the expense of objective truth and therefore its own credibility. Groveling self-accusation is an integral feature of totalitarian leftism, as students of Chinese communism can attest. Nature shows how it’s done:

When the World Health Organization (WHO) announced in February that the disease caused by the new coronavirus would be called COVID‑19, the name was quickly adopted by organizations involved in communicating public-health information. As well as naming the illness, the WHO was implicitly sending a reminder to those who had erroneously been associating the virus with Wuhan and with China in their news coverage— including Nature. That we did so was an error on our part, for which we take responsibility and apologize.

According to this premiere scientific journal, it is an error to associate with Wuhan or China a virus that originated in Wuhan and that spread due to the gross irresponsibility of China’s communist government.

Obviously, this is not an error in the sense of being factually untrue. It is an error because it violates Cultural Marxism, according to which no non-Caucasian can be associated with anything bad.

Similarly, the mainstream media referred to it as the Wuhan/China/Chinese virus, until the memo circulated that this is now a thoughtcrime. This designation provided an opportunity to shift the narrative from “It’s all Trump’s fault because he put an imaginary gag order on Fauci” to “It’s all Trump’s fault because he’s a racist for calling it the ‘Chinese virus.’”

When it comes to its political motivation, Nature is at least more transparent than the ChiComs:

[A] minority of politicians are sticking with the outdated script. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly associated the virus with China. Brazilian lawmaker Eduardo Bolsonaro — the son of President Jair Bolsonaro — has called it “China’s fault”. Politicians elsewhere, including in the United Kingdom, are also saying that China bears responsibility.

That’s because China does bear responsibility, not only for spawning the disease as it has others (e.g., SARS) with its horrific wet markets, but for the disease not being contained in its early stages. No reasonable person denies this. Nature’s editors bear responsibility for subordinating objective reality to political ideology.

On a tip from Lyle.

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