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Feb 11 2019

Joy Villa: Countermoonbat Revolt at Grammy Awards

Joy Villa must have figured that since award ceremonies have been thoroughly politicized, countermoonbats may as well use them to push back. Her outfit made quite a statement at last night’s Grammy Awards:

The musician showed up on the red carpet sporting a black-and-white gown with a brick motif inspired by Pink Floyd’s 1979 album The Wall with the words “Build the Wall” hand-painted in red on the back side. The dress — designed by L.A.-based Desi Lee Allinger-Nelson of Desi Designs Couture, Villa told The Hollywood Reporter — also featured barbed wire on the shoulders to mimic the top of a security fence, a spiky headpiece, and a silver cloak-like dress over that top that alludes to steel. Her red purse sports the words “Make America Great Again” and was also custom-made by Allinger-Nelson as a riff on the Trump MAGA hat.

This won’t enhance her chances of winning awards, but at least the moonbats who run the entertainment industry can’t ignore her:

Regular Americans who are not moonbats represent a vast neglected market. Fox News tapped into it and has been the top-rated cable news network for nearly 2 decades. Entertainers can tap into too.

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