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Dec 06 2019

Judge Blocks Border Wall Because Butterflies

No pretext is too absurd when it comes to preventing Americans from defending their country from foreign invasion. Having given up on the federal government erecting enough border wall to prevent the USA from being overrun, citizens have stepped forward to build it themselves. But a judge in Texas says they cannot build a wall, becauseā€¦ butterflies:

State District Judge Keno Vasquez of Hidalgo County issued a temporary restraining order Tuesday, ordering We Build the Wall to stop construction on land near property owned by the National Butterfly Center.

Note that this does not read “on land owned by the National Butterfly Center.” The land belongs to We Build the Wall.

The workers hired by We Build The Wall were planning to clear more than 200,000 square feet of natural habitat on the group’s private land, according to the center.

The concept of “private land” is not comprehensible to the leftists who infest the judiciary.

Too bad for the North Koreans that they can’t get Vasquez to rule that the wall defending South Korea is offensive to butterflies. Palestinian terrorists would benefit from a similar ruling regarding the wall defending Israel.

A word from We Build the Wall:

On a tip from Jack Bauer. Hat tip: The Political Insider.

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