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Feb 17 2019

Jussie Smollett Farce Continues to Unravel

Good thing Jussie Smollett has lawyered up. His hate hoax was hyped by the liberal establishment, including both the media and race-exploiting presidential candidates Cory Booker and Kamala Harris. It is too high profile to melt away without consequences now that it has been exposed.

It has come to light that he paid two Nigerians to help him stage the hoax. Despite the probable political pressure in a liberal city run by a homosexual leftist who likes to play hardball, police have been forced to admit that they are now investigating a hoax, not a hate crime.

Here’s how lousy a liar Smollett is:

Smollett hired Michael D. Monico, the lawyer representing President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen. Smollett denies hiring a defense attorney, but Monico confirmed he had been hired by Smollett.

Smollett isn’t the only idiot here. The liberal media is comprised of willful idiots, as this montage confirms:

Yet it was obvious from the beginning that the attack was almost certainly a hoax.

Now, the media has to sing a different tune:

On Friday, Smollett was provisionally added to the Hate Hoax List. It gets less provisional with each passing day. This could be the hate hoax to end all hate hoaxes — literally. Once people become aware that “hate crimes” correlating with the liberal establishment’s Cultural Marxist narrative have an overwhelming tendency to be hoaxes, these will serve only to heap more ridicule upon moonbats.

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