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Jul 13 2018

Just How Radical Is American Federation of Teachers?

The American Federation of Teachers annual convention demonstrates the extreme leftism teachers who are not union members were forced to finance prior to the recent Janus ruling:

Most of the 90 some resolutions promote such progressive objectives as single-payer health care, free college and opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline. The union’s Berkeley affiliate wants President Trump’s “immediate resignation or removal.”

These are not mainstream positions, to put it mildly. Neither is the union’s hostility to the US military:

Another resolution calls “on school districts, colleges and universities to offer their students diverse views about military service and the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, balancing arguments for military service and ROTC training with the arguments of critics of military service, including its health risks.” Another urges support for “anti-war groups.”

Yes, serving in the military could entail health risks. You can imagine the propaganda high school kids are likely to be subjected to, possibly consisting of graphic pictures of battle wounds to frighten them away from military careers.

The teachers union kooks also call for the dismantlement of the missile defense we provide South Korea, on the grounds that it would weaken a nuclear response from North Korea or China if the bad old USA picks a war.

These people are not on America’s side.

You can see why Democrats are so mad that the unions will no longer be coercively funded by nonmembers, undermining the budget for advancing these ideological objectives.

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