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Mar 08 2019

Justice Democrats Pull Strings of Puppet AOC

How did the fanatical, clueless, mentally deficient, and to put it mildly, unqualified Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wind up in Congress? She was a bartender who answered a casting call. She was cast in the role of Congresswoman by an ultra-radical outfit called Justice Democrats. These same people also tried to push Saira Rao into Congress; that is the woman who denounced Nancy Pelosi as a “white supremacist” for resisting the Democratic Party’s lurch into anti-Semitism. This lurch has been led by Ilhan Omar, who was also backed by the Justice Democrats.

In the video below, Mr Reagan makes some jarring accusations regarding the “Future of the Democratic Party,” AOC:

1. AOC did not actually run for Congress.
2. She is a puppet.
3. The people controlling her are very dangerous.

Bear with him, he is worth hearing out:

Read more about Saikat Chakrabarti and Subhas Chandra Bose here. With any luck, Chakrabarti will soon find himself in prison for very serious campaign finance violations.

Candidates backed by the Justice Democrats are already calling the shots in Congress, having trounced Nancy Pelosi in a power struggle.

On tips from KirklesWorth and Kate P.

5 Responses to “Justice Democrats Pull Strings of Puppet AOC”

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