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Aug 29 2019

Justice Department Attacks Police Standards

Remember Dim in A Clockwork Orange, the mentally defective thug who became a police officer? Good thing we don’t have cops like that on our streets. At least not yet; according to the Justice Department, police standards requiring officers to be intelligent are racist.


Maryland county’s written exams for hiring police officers have discriminated against black applicants for several years, the U.S. Justice Department alleged Tuesday in a lawsuit.

I was hoping this sort of lunacy went out with Eric Holder. But no.

The federal lawsuit, filed by the department’s civil rights division, claims Baltimore County’s use of the pass/fail written exams led to hiring fewer blacks as entry-level police officers and police cadets than it would have had it used a “non-discriminatory screening device.”

Blacks are less likely to pass the written exam than whites; therefore, the exam is racist and must be abolished.

Blacks are more likely to commit homicide than whites. According to the logic of disparate impact, laws against murder must be abolished. Then we won’t need so many police officers anyway. When “racial justice” is achieved, it will look less like A Clockwork Orange than The Purge.

In the meantime, we stand by and watch standards lowered or destroyed altogether in the name of antidiscrimination. Less intelligent cops will not make anyone safer, but imposing equity takes priority.

The lawsuit asks for a court order barring the county from using written exams in the hiring process for police officers “where such use results in a disparate impact on African Americans.” It also seeks “whole remedial relief to all persons who have suffered individual loss as a result of the discrimination” alleged in the complaint.

Get out your wallets, taxpayers. Slavery officially ended in the USA 156 years ago, but reparations continue through a variety of channels.

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