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May 25 2018

Justin Trudeau Receives Award for Pushing LGBT Agenda

Congratulations to quintessential moonbat Justin Trudeau. His obsequious pandering on behalf of sexual deviants has earned him a pat on the head from militants:

Trudeau was greeted with a standing ovation as he took to the stage at a Toronto hotel on Thursday night to accept an award from human rights group Egale Canada for his LGBTQ advocacy.

Like many terms, including the word “liberal,” “human rights” has been twisted by liberals into very nearly the opposite of its original meaning. It now means leftist advocacy. Outside of communist and Muslim countries, it would be hard to find anything more tyrannical than Canada’s Torquemada-esque Human Rights Tribunals.

As he reflected on his efforts to make amends for historic wrongs suffered by LGBTQ Canadians, the prime minister affirmed his commitment to remedying present-day discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation.

That is, the promotion of homosexuality will be pushed even further, until Canada resembles a San Francisco bathhouse, then still further after that.

To secure the support of this tiny minority, Trudeau is eager to endanger the health of everyone else:

He also expressed disappointment with the persistence of what he described as discriminatory restrictions preventing sexually active gay men from becoming blood and organ donors.

HIV in the blood supply is a perfect metaphor for the effect perversion-pushing liberals have on the culture of North America.

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