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Aug 14 2022

Kamala Chuckles Over Mar-a-Lago Raid

Like Joe Biden himself, the raid on a former president’s residence by the politicized FBI represents a major milestone in our nation’s decline. Yet Biden has nothing to say about the Mar-a-Lago fishing expedition/theatrical production. The only official word from the White House is that Biden knew nothing about it, which if true would confirm that he is not the acting president.

However, the vice president was willing to weigh in. Characteristically, Kamala Harris was unable to refrain from laughing:

“Well, as a former prosecutor I will tell you I don’t speak about anybody else’s case,” she told reporters with a chuckle. “But I have full confidence that the Department of Justice will do what the facts and the law requires.”

Admittedly, the suggestion that Merrick Garland’s Injustice Department would do what the facts and the law require is a good joke.

Harris then went for more laughs by defending law enforcement. Here, the humor comes from the context. Harris frequently denounces the police, has applauded their defunding, and even raised funds to bail antipolice rioters out of jail. But law enforcement is good so long as it is federally controlled and is raiding the homes of Democrats’ political opponents.

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