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Dec 13 2019

Kamala Harris and the Aging Lefty Bucket List

Kamala Harris didn’t need a coherent agenda; she represented the next item to be checked off the Aging Lefty Bucket List, which runs something like this:

☐ First black president

☐ First female president

☐ First female president who isn’t white

☐ First ostentatiously homosexual president

☐ First transgender president

☐ First Muslim president

☐ First nonhuman president

As Dave Morrison explains in the video below, progressives’ “constant need to push new ideas is not driven by the intrinsic value of the ideas themselves; they want these changes only because they are firsts.”

The Moonbat Messiah checked off Box #1. Shrillary was supposed to check off Box #2. Kamala Harris was entitled to be POTUS, because she represents Box #3.

But then a hysterical need to defeat Trump at any cost rose up like a tsunami and washed away all other priorities. Even a senile handsy leftover from yesteryear is preferable to a featherweight considered more likely to lose to Trump. So Kamala was betrayed:

On a tip from Lyle.

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