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Nov 03 2020

Kamala Harris Comes Out as Communist

Everyone who follows politics knows it won’t actually be Joe Biden running the country if he is nominally elected. At this point, he is too mentally feeble for that to be plausible. But Democrats aren’t voting for a pig in a poke. They know exactly what they are voting for. For the sake of stoking the base, de facto presidential candidate Kamala Harris has spelled it out for them, lest any leftists take Biden’s relatively mild rhetoric seriously enough to stay home today. Two days before the election, she tweeted out this open embrace of Marxism, narrated by herself:

We must all end up at the same place. Except of course our rulers, who need to stand above in order to guarantee that wealth is redistributed evenly between those who create it and those who do not.

As plenty of others have noticed, she is calling for communism.

You can see why every attempt to implement Marxism leads quickly through totalitarianism to piles of skulls. People are all different in any number of ways. The control required to produce precisely equal results for vastly different inputs is absolute. The level of slavery this ideology requires is so extreme that it cannot be inflicted without killing people on an industrial scale.

That is why over 100 million people were killed by their own communist governments in the course of 20th century.

The ideals America was founded on, and that allowed the country to grow and thrive, are the polar opposite of the ideology advanced by Kamala Harris et al. It is alarming in the extreme that tens of millions could be brainwashed into betraying their own country and renouncing the freedom that is their birthright as Americans.

If patriotic Americans survive the coming years, they have a duty to reclaim the schools and media. Letting leftists control both for decades put us at the edge of this precipice.

The races of the cartoon characters in Kamala’s video are not coincidental. The authoritarian collectivism that threatens us will have a racial component, as exemplified by the violently race-obsessed Marxists of Black Lives Matter. This adds a new level of tyranny and malice to the ideology that killed tens of millions when it was imposed on Russia and China.

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