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Jul 08 2019

Kamala Harris Promises to Pay Blacks $100 Billion

It isn’t just the AfroFuture Fest. Even Democrat presidential candidates explicitly discriminate based on race. Moonbat dragon lady Kamala Harris promises to hand Privileged Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation $100 billion of other people’s money to blow on housing that they cannot afford.

Via Fox News:

[Harris] announced Saturday that she would invest [i.e., waste] $100 billion of federal money into housing assistance for black families as part of an effort to close the racial wealth gap in the United States if elected president.

Because PPPPPs can be counted on as a group to attain lower levels of economic achievement than other groups, authoritarian egalitarians will not rest until the wealth gap between them and others has been erased. At that point, we will have attained liberal utopia, aka communism.

While appearing at Essence’s Global Black Economic Forum, she emphasized the role of homeownership in driving the growth of wealth in the U.S. According to Harris’ campaign, she would help 4 million homebuyers through down payment and closing-cost assistance — granting up to $25,000 from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Democrats used this same line of moonbattery to cause the economic collapse of 2008. According to their ideology, only racism could explain favored racial groups having lower rates of home ownership. So banks were strong-armed into giving them home loans they could not pay back. The rest is history.

It is also the future.

The program would target residents in red-lined communities — areas the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation has dissuaded lenders from investing in — which her campaign identified as a culprit behind wealth disparities.

It isn’t that Democrats don’t learn from history; they learn plenty. For example, they learned that helping to crash the economy through the Community Reinvestment Act ushered Barack Obama into the White House.

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