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Mar 15 2024

Kapo Chuck Schumer Undercuts Israel

Even the evil achieved in Nazi concentration camps can be surpassed. The depravity of Josef Mengele’s medical atrocities is rivaled by gender-affirming care. In the aftermath of October 7, Jewish leftists may top the kapos:

In exchange for better food and clothing, increased autonomy, possible occasional visits to a brothel, and a 10 times greater chance of survival, kapos served as the first line of discipline and regulation within the camps.

They supervised their fellow inmates, oversaw their slave labor, and often punished them for the slightest infractions — sometimes by beating them to death.

In 2019, the Jewish Chronicle called the word kapo the “worst insult a Jew can give another Jew.”

Yet some have been voting for the modern day equivalent:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) issued an extraordinary demand Thursday for Israel to hold new elections aimed at ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom the Biden administration and Democrats dislike.

They would prefer a liberal patsy who will agree to a ceasefire with Hamas.

Democrats know all about the systematic rape, torture, and murder of women and children inflicted on October 7. They know that “ceasefire” means surrender and that “from the river to the sea” means the eradication of Jews from their homeland. Yet they undercut our only real ally in the Middle East by trying to topple its leadership while it has its back to the wall.

Election interference targeting Netanyahu began under Obama, who some believe is currently the acting president.

Democrats have resented Netanyahu ever since he publicly opposed President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, which gave billions of dollars to the Iranian regime for its terror activities and would have allowed Iran to emerge as a nuclear power after roughly a decade even if it complied fully with the terms of the deal. Netanyahu has also opposed President Joe Biden’s proposal to establish a Palestinian state as the outcome of the current war, which was started by Hamas terrorists.

Schumer and the rest side with Iran and Hamas against Netanyahu — and against America. Muslims hate both for the same reasons, as do leftists.

Biden has been publicly critical of Netanyahu, saying that he is “hurting” Israel more than he is “helping” it. Last week, Biden was caught on a hot mic saying that he had told Netanyahu he needed a “come to Jesus” meeting. And Vice President Kamala Harris signaled a desire to oust Netanyahu when she said last week that it was important to distinguish between Israel’s government and the Israeli people, as if the latter had not recently elected the former.

With Jews like Schumer, you don’t need Nazis. With friends like the USA under Democrat rule, you don’t need enemies.

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