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Jul 30 2020

Karen Bass Could Be Running the Country Soon

Meanwhile, as Joe Biden is led around by the arm like a blind man by handlers, radicals like Karen Bass prepare to take over the country if he is elected.

Bass is considered a top contender for Vice President. She checks all three boxes to qualify: (1) female, (2) black, (3) left-wing.

The Western Journal has four facts that need to be known about Karen Bass:

1. Karen Bass led House Democrats’ charge to ‘reform’ policing practices

2. Karen Bass praised Fidel Castro

3. Karen Bass is a Los Angeles representative

4. Karen Bass is chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus

Someone has to run the country while Biden gibbers and drools on himself. Someone has to formally take over as POTUS when his next stroke hits. Would you like it to be someone who (1) sides with criminals against police and will exacerbate the anarchy ripping many major cities apart; (2) sides with America’s most vociferous not to mention tyrannical enemies; (3) will do to the country what California Democrats have done to Los Angeles (for details, see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, etc); and (4) will explicitly support the perceived interests of 13% of the population against the interests of everyone else? Then Karen Bass is the VP candidate for you.

No one could tear the country apart like Politico’s “unity choice.”

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

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