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Jan 06 2018

Kate Steinle’s Killer Sentenced to Time Served

Time served. That was the punishment San Francisco authorities saw fit to mete out to Jose Ines Garcia Zarate for shooting Kate Steinle to death in front of an audience:

The illegal immigrant and seven-time felon who was acquitted of murder and assault in the 2015 San Francisco fatal shooting of 32-year old Kate Steinle was sentenced to three years in prison on Friday.

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who has been in custody since shortly after the shooting, was credited for time served.

He will be on parole for 48 months…

Sociopaths who would like to murder someone just for the hell of it may be tempted to make tracks for San Francisco. But be forwarded you might have to be an illegal alien who kills a white woman to get off as easily as Garcia Zarate. Evidently, the point of this intolerable miscarriage of justice was to stick it good to regular Americans who believe in borders, law & order, and not being murdered by lowlifes.

At least this time Garcia Zarate will be held for the Feds. But he faces only weapons charges, not murder or even assault. The maximum he can get is 10 years. His public defender denounced the charges as “discriminatory.”

Oh, and federal officials say they want to deport him again. He had already been deported five times when he killed Kate Steinle.

13 Responses to “Kate Steinle’s Killer Sentenced to Time Served”

  1. BillyBobBob the Covfefe Bob says:

    The one good thing about CA declaring itself a sanctuary state is that killers and rapists won’t emigrate to other states. Hopefully, other killers and rapists will migrate to CA. Spread the word.

  2. Mr. Freemarket says:

    ” His public defender denounced the charges as “discriminatory.”

    Yes; weapons charges are discriminatory. They discriminate against those convicted of felonies. Some people think that convicted criminals should be discriminated against. In fact some convicted criminals won’t be hired by your local bank as a bank officer. Is that bad????

  3. 127guy says:


  4. MAS says:

    As a California based conservative I’ll refrain from wishing the same on you because of the leftists that surely run your state too. It’s a matter of degrees state by state but our nation is infested with them…

  5. MAS says:

    Another reason on the already existing pile to avoid SF like the leftist Petri dish that it is.

  6. Saxon Warrior says:

    I empathize with you.
    As a conservative residing in libby-loo-la-land, I don’t wish the worst on any place. But unfortunately my wishes are about as hopeful as a fly with three legs and no wings trying to make a deal with a spider from inside its own web.

    In other words – ‘Let what is coming to Sodom and Gomorrah come’. Just hope that you can get out of there before it does!

  7. bob jacobi says:

    I suspect that this trial was a coordinated effort between the City, the DA, the defense and the Sheriff because a conviction would have left the City and the Sheriff wide open for a lawsuit. The Sheriff was not a professional LEO but a term limited political hack that that decided Sheriff look like a profitable gig. The defense made the case to be about Trump and the DA made it about first degree murder. The Sheriff was involved in picking the defense team. At trial the DA spent all his time on First degree murder when the facts would support neither first nor second degree. Why was that? The DA allowed the defense to get away with the narrative that the particular weapon was prone to accidental discharges. Those discharges occurred while the gun was being handled, guns don’t just discharge sitting on a shelf. The DA made a poor attempt at countering the defense claim that Garcia found the gun under the bench. The weapon was stolen from a federal officer’s car, I wonder what his punishment was? On the street that weapon had a high dollar value. Do you really think the thief when on the pier to dispose of that weapon under the bench? The trial produced evidence that the defendant was playing with the gun for 15 or 20 minutes before he fired the shot, accidently or on purpose it makes no difference. Remember this point. The DA made almost no case for manslaughter. When the case went to the jury the Judge issued Jury Directions, those are usually agreed by both defense and prosecution and subject to negotiation. An alternate jurist that sat through the entire case including the deliberations said that the jury came down to the end on a verdict of manslaughter and the definition of “Brandishing” which he claimed they were given no instruction as to what that meant ( they could have asked). If true then the DA who knew the case would come down to manslaughter was incompetent ( or deliberately losing the case) in his prosecution and again in the agreement to the Jury Instruction. The Judge was all guilty of issuing incomplete Jury instructions because he certainly know that case was either manslaughter or nothing. It appears he steered the case to nothing, was he part of the conspiracy. Finally here is the definition of brandishing and this is typical of the definition – “A. It shall be unlawful for any person to point, hold or brandish any firearm or any air or gas operated weapon or any object similar in appearance, whether capable of being fired or not, in such manner as to reasonably induce fear in the mind of another or hold a firearm or any air or gas operated weapon in a public …” The testimony of Garcia’s actions prior to firing the shot exactly meets the definition of brandishing. My take there was a conspiracy to see a not guilty verdict, some for fear of law suits and all a hate of Trump as an added bonus. The City of San Francisco murdered Kate Steinle and the jury tossed her the middle finger while feeling morally superior for protecting illegal alien scum. That is MHO.

  8. BillPrep says:

    dont look back…

  9. JackisBack says:

    Will Whites ever riot and burn and pummel when their women are attacked like other races do? Or are we so indoctrinated to believe we deserve this, courtesy of the public school teachers unions?

  10. Colin Rafferty says:

    This is the United States. We don’t punish people for crimes they are not convicted of. Like George Zimmerman before him, he was acquitted of murder, and therefore not punished for murder.

    He was convicted of possession of a firearm and ammunition, and sentenced appropriately for that. Why the complaints?

  11. geeknerd says:

    Where is Kate’s father? Doesn’t she have any other male relatives? Don’t any of her female relatives have guns? If it was my daughter, I’d have gunned the bastard down on the courthouse steps, and then turned myself in and hired his lawyer.

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