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Dec 02 2011

Kathleen Sebelius Proclaims That Government Meddling in Healthcare Is a Matter of National Security

Kathleen Sebelius, whom ObamaCare makes one of the most powerful people in the world, unsurprisingly wants this hated attempt to nationalize the healthcare industry to survive challenges on the grounds of its blatant unconstitutionality. The rhetoric she’s resorting to is enough to cause high blood pressure:

During a visit to the South Carolina coast, Sebelius spoke with a black nurses group and then was to attend a conference on improving access to health care.

The nation’s health “really is an issue of national security,” she told the nurses group…

Once again we see that the Obama Regime is incapable of grasping the meaning of the term national security. But then, maybe Ms. Supercilious (aka the Abortion Queen) has a point. If Obama’s power grabs aren’t a matter of national security, what could be?

Try to imagine the Abortion Queen next meeting with a white nurses group, just to be fair — if there were such a thing. This offers a clue as to why public policy benefits strident minorities at the expense of everyone else.

When this is applied to federal control of healthcare, which will mean rationing here just as it has everywhere else that has succumbed to socialized medicine, your skin color could cost you your life — unless you’re lucky enough to have oppressed skin color. Already the funding of studies by the moonbats running the National Institutes of Health has resulted in an unproductive obsession with mostly nonexistent “healthcare disparities” at the expense of meaningful scientific research. Curing cancer would be nice, but the real money goes to researching the possibility that tumors hurt worse for polysexual African American dwarves due to historic insensitivities.

Will determine who gets the healthcare.

On tips from Bob Roberts and G. Fox. Hat tip: Weekly Standard.

17 Responses to “Kathleen Sebelius Proclaims That Government Meddling in Healthcare Is a Matter of National Security”

  1. lao's bleeding anus says:

    Does this mean my recurring case of the Clap is covered under the NSA????

    Woo-hoo!!!! 🙂

  2. Keith in Seattle says:

    She’s right and that’s why they SHOULD NOT BE INVOLVED in the private sector whatsoever.

  3. TaterSalad says:

    Kathleen Sebelius is a member of the “Choom Gang” that has been established in the White House.

    Barack Obama and his Choomgang in the White House have effectively destroyed the country in the matter of three short years.

    The Barack Obama File:

  4. dad29 says:

    So does this mean that the un-healthy are ‘terrorists’ subject to military arrest and Gitmo incarceration under the Patriot Act?

    It’s not a large leap from ‘substantially supporting’ alQuaeda to ‘endangering national security’, you know.

  5. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    re: Polysexual African Dwarves & Their Feelings

    I’m so happy that lao has found his support group where he can explore his inner self.

  6. Cluebat from Exodar says:

    A gif with some tongue action would have been better that a still photo.

  7. logic Mine says:

    Of course everything comes under National Security reasons when it comes to transforming this nation from a “REPUBLIC” to a “COMMUNISM”. ( Marxism and socialism are only stepping stones to achieve the ultimate goal of Communism or better said, ……Slavery.)

  8. Cluebat from Exodar says:

    Oops. I was confusing Sebelius with Anita Dunn.

    Wrong marxist. sorry.

  9. coal power says:

    meet with a “white nurses group”? puhhleaseeeee, we all know that a group designed strictly for white nurses would be RACCCIIIISSSSTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

  10. chuck in st paul says:

    Blacks DO receive disparate health care. However, it is entirely due to their disparate death grip on a Cargo Cult culture. Even they don’t get it.

  11. StanInTexas says:

    I always amuses me that the same Liberals who scream that the government cannot be trusted to handle terrorists or war or criminals or any type of personal information, will willingly turn over all medical records and decisions to that same government.

    News Flash for you Liberals, Obama’s health records are sealed. He wants to see yours, but he won’t show you his!

  12. Conan says:


  13. 762x51 says:

    Kathleen Sebelius in an enemy of the United States and should be treated like one. Vile Marxist scum, nothing more. Get a rope indeed, an OLD rope.

  14. Al Gore says:

    Whoa! I’d hit that.

  15. Right Reason says:

    Will Wesley Mouch be in charge of healthcare now? After all, it is a “national emergency.”

  16. wildman says:

    She is only worried about her job security and power. the rest is all bs to distract us from the real reasons.

  17. Ex-bat says:

    Sebelius makes me SICK, and I work in public health!

    Abortion Queen is a good name for her … are you all aware she is in support of partial birth abortion?

    I wouldn’t let the “white nurses group” stump you tho, nearly everyone I ever met working over 20 yrs in public health is very, very pro “people of color”… and the profession as a whole (at least in some places) is nearly dominated by the gay/lesbian bunch.

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