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May 01 2018

Kathy Griffin Continues to Rescind Apology for Vile Behavior

Remember when moonbat “comedienne” Kathy Griffin blew her career up by staging evidently ISIS-inspired Trump assassination porn? Even Keith Olbermann acknowledged that she had gone too far. She issued heartfelt apologies, but once the flames of outraged died down, revealing the charred cinders of a career, she remembered that she would have no audience if she did not serve up raw hatred to rabid moonbats, so she rescinded her apologies repeatedly. Here she is on The View rescinding them yet again:

Looks like her career now consists of ingratiating herself with fellow progressives by shouting repetitively that she is not sorry for her disgusting behavior, which includes not only the infamous severed head publicity stunt but also attacking Trump’s family, including young Barron.

In case you were wondering who could find the obnoxious and freakishly elfin Kathy Griffin appealing, now you have the answer: the audience of The View.

On a tip from Stormfax.

One Response to “Kathy Griffin Continues to Rescind Apology for Vile Behavior”

  1. […] Kathy Griffin isn’t the only moonbat to be forced to apologize for shameful behavior but to rescind the apology after the controversy had cooled down. Former Disney child star Miley Cyrus, having established herself as the personification of the entertainment industry’s sexual corruption, wants us to know that she isn’t really sorry about posing for the odious Vanity Fair in what was essentially kiddy porn when she was 15 years old. […]

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