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Nov 14 2017

Kathy Griffin Officially Retracts Apology for Severed Head Publicity Stunt

Remember when unfunny harpy Kathy Griffin blew her career up by posing like an ISIS terrorist with a prop meant to resemble Donald Trump’s severed head? She “sincerely” apologized. Then, she effectively retracted her apology by painting herself as somehow the victim. Now, she retracts the apology some more:

Griffin … told BBC Hardtalk’s Stephen Sackur she is “not sorry” and “takes back 1,000%” the apology she made in the immediate aftermath.

No doubt the retraction, like the severed head stunt, is a desperate attempt to remind people that she exists. Since her tasteless existence proves my point about moonbats, I’m glad to help her out.

On a tip from Grok.

27 Responses to “Kathy Griffin Officially Retracts Apology for Severed Head Publicity Stunt”

  1. Jim Lehey says:

    Thanks for not showing a recent picture. Randy Bobandy and saw her latest pic and we thought that the Joker had become real. Or maybe that was the liquor doing the thinking

  2. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    From her perspective, might as well retract the apology since it wasn’t working for her.

  3. No problem, Kathy. We knew you never had the integrity to sincerely apologize in the first place. You were just lying to try and save you career.

  4. Nick Testa says:

    Ooooooooh she’s taking it back…

    WTF is wrong with these people? (and at this point I use the term “people” loosely).

  5. Swordie says:

    Beth from Newsradio.

  6. Swordie says:


  7. Jack Bauer says:

    ….”No doubt the retraction, like the severed head stunt, is a desperate attempt to remind people that she exists.”……

    Well Dave, that’s certainly true.
    That’s why I’d like to see no more stories about “nobodies” like Kathy Griffin, Lena Dunham, Rosie O’Dumbell or Keith Olbermann, to name a few.
    These days, if it wasn’t for conservative websites, pointing out the inane utterances from them, no one would ever hear about these moonbat has-beens again….. and wouldn’t that be nice!

  8. grayjohn says:

    Kathy, no one cares, at all.

  9. ICEvictim says:

    nothing but Dark Ages savages.

  10. damon says:

    I find it funny that she thinks anyone actually cares.

  11. George Lortz says:

    What career ?

  12. Frank says:

    If only he were holding hillary’s (empty) head!

  13. Frank says:

    islam; the religion of peace!

  14. J- says:

    Apparently after Netflix canceled her special, without CNN booking her for new years she has no paying gig this year. She is hoping the resistance hires her.

  15. Mike says:

    Kathy fails to get a head of the controversy.

  16. Buffalobob says:

    Kathy should book herself on the Megen Kelly show, she’ll get giggles and smirks there.

  17. Callawyn says:

    No one ever believed her anyway.

    And, her actually job title is, “Vulgarian”, or maybe “Vulgarienne” on the off-chance that it still identifies as female.

  18. The Uhlan says:

    Kathy Who?

  19. Scott Doty says:

    I don’t want trump dead that would make him a martyr. I want the treasonous orange turd to go to jail!

  20. […] then retracting her apology, did not repair the damage unfunny leftist “comedian” Kathy Griffin did to her career […]

  21. jan_poster says:

    Next to Hillary?

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