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Nov 20 2017

Kathy Griffin: The Most Oppressed Woman in the History of America

Apologizing, then retracting her apology, did not repair the damage unfunny leftist “comedian” Kathy Griffin did to her career by posing like an ISIS terrorist with a replica of Trump’s severed head. She whimpers that she has been “blacklisted” by her fellow liberals in the entertainment industry. More likely, people are steering clear of her because her characteristic extreme bad taste has crossed the line. The self-pity extravaganza below reaches rock bottom when she wails,

“This wall of crap has never fallen on any woman in the history of America like it has on me.”

Sorry about the foul language:

Someone send her a wig and a double cheeseburger, or I might start to feel sorry for her.

BTW, the Eartha Kitt she mentions so reverently was a moonbat singer/actress/activist from the flowerchild era, a mulatto who legend has it resulted from an evil white man raping a black woman with Cherokee blood. She supposedly reduced Ladybird Johnson to tears with her denunciations of the Vietnam War. This bit from Kitt’s Wikipedia bio is telling:

Publicly ostracized in the United States, she devoted her energies to performances in Europe and Asia.

She might have blazed a trail for Griffin’s well-deserved journey into obscurity.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

23 Responses to “Kathy Griffin: The Most Oppressed Woman in the History of America”

  1. Python says:

    She was over here in Oz recently her Whinge-Fest tour we called it. Sad that so many Lefties literally cannot endure accountability. There is often payment due for ones opinions and behaviour.

  2. KHarn says:

    Only a handful of people (Mostly her relatives) would have remembered Eartha Kitt if she hadn’t appeared on the Batman TV show.

  3. Nick Testa says:

    These progressives are like teenagers, they have such a simpleton pathology and I’m amazed by it…. How can someone grow into an adult but not pathologically mature past 15 (at the most)? I mean what she did in the first place is something I would expect from a really pissed off teenager – not an adult….. I mean say all the nasty shit you want but effigy? really? maybe next time she can try a voodoo doll.

    How can a mature adult vote for a democrat considering democrats pander to children in adult bodies and degenerates.

    This is a perfect example of WHY you need to judge the candidate – not by their credentials or merit – but by their voting base.. Because the people candidates pander to will tell you an awful lot about the candidate himself/herself.

  4. wildmanonearth says:

    Oh poor baby. You see kathty when you want to be “edgy” sometimes the edge cuts you

  5. She poses with a fake severed head of Trump then demands, “Don’t be too hard on me.”

    Uh, sure.

  6. hoagie111 says:

    My Baptist mom who never, ever cursed hated Kitt so much she called her Eartha Shitt.

  7. MAS says:

    Nobody likes me,
    Everybody hates me,
    Guess I’ll eat some worms…

  8. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Lift is hard when you are stupid.

  9. Number 6 says:

    Name her ambassador to North Korea.

  10. Mike says:

    Wall of crap, eh? Maybe she should ask Anita Bryant if a woman has ever lost work for anything less than being photographed holding the apparent severed head of the president?

  11. gregtuco says:

    Look — it’s Martin Short without the talent!

  12. Feet2Fire says:

    Sorry, couldn’t make it all the way through her little selfie-tragedy.

    –She’s ONLY 57? Wow, hasn’t aged well! Guess that’s what nasty hatred does to a person.

  13. Billy TwoKnives says:

    She should have thought about possible consequences before she pulled that stupid stunt. But then Liberals aren’t good at thinking things through. May she become destitute.

  14. Louise says:

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  15. Jack Bauer says:

    Sorry Dave….. don’t have the stomach to watch this. The still shot on the page here is enough for me. Every time I hear this idiot speak, she makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

    BTW, anyone else here remember the expression “coyote ugly”?
    It applies to her in more ways than one……In fact, I’d say she’s way uglier on the inside than the outside.

  16. bob loblaw says:

    According to the interwebs, this “comedienne” is worth an estimated $20M. Sorry, but mine is a fraction of that and I am disinclined to worry about her “sprint”. Just how much money do you need, Kathy?? She has no work here because she is abrasive and intensely unfunny.

    Feel free to stay in Europe if that is where the jobs are.

  17. Franklyfrank says:

    Talk about a lack of self awareness!
    If we never heard from Kathy Griffin again it would be too soon…

  18. daveclay says:

    I think HRC might disagree with her about that ‘wall of crap’.

  19. Callawyn says:

    She’s just angry that, after decades in Hollywood, she’s unable to file any sexual harassment claims against anyone.

  20. gueppebarre says:

    Boo freaking hoo!

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