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Feb 12 2019

Katy Perry Shoe Line Pulled for Being Blackface

The Left’s hysterical totalitarianism has reached such an unhinged extreme that anyone or anything can be accused of racism, even an ultramoonbat like Katy Perry, even a pair of shoes, even an entire Katy Perry shoe line…

Katy’s got a whole shoe line for sale at retailers like Dillard’s and Walmart — and a couple of her designs feature what looks similar to blackface … the “Rue Face Slip On Loafers” and its high-heeled counterpart, “Ora Face Block Heel Sandal.”

The shoes have a face on them and some of them are black. This constitutes blackface — currently considered the ultimate blasphemy against our national religion, Cultural Marxism.

The “face” shoes have two eyes, a nose and red lips on them, and they come in two different colors … black and beige. The black one is problematic, because it looks a lot like classic blackface makeup, which the fashion world does not seem to recognize time and again.

This could be a reference to the Prada trinkets that were pulled after SJWs denounced them for being blackface.

Could it be that the entire fashion world is problematic and should be forced to undergo indoctrination?

The “face” heeled sandals are also problematic … and Katy’s catching major heat for having the shoes on store shelves. Even singer Masika Kalysha is calling for Katy to answer for this, saying on social media … “So we just gonna let Katy Perry slide?”

No one slides except Democrat politicians! To the guillotine with Katy Perry!

Being comically quick to denounce others as racist, she does have it coming.

Unsurprisingly, Walmart and Dillard’s both pulled the racist shoes promptly.

Hat tip: Whatfinger.

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