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Jul 20 2018

Keith Ellison: Face of the Muslim–Moonbat Alliance

Muslims and moonbats have their differences, particularly when it comes to the acceptability of homosexuality and the rights of women. But they also have a lot in common, including a zero-tolerance totalitarian mentality. They also have a shared enemy: us. This explains the career of Islamocommie congresscritter Keith Ellison (D-MN):

Ellison recently demanded that Amazon ban any book associated with what the Southern Poverty Law Center calls “hate groups.” To get an idea of how comprehensive such a ban would be, consider that the ultra-left SPLC regards the Family Research Council as a hate group. Its hate lists have even featured the mild-mannered Ben Carson. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is regarded as a hater for criticizing Islam. Such people will be silenced if it is up to the Muslim–moonbat alliance.

Ellison is no backbencher; he is Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee. When you vote Democrat, you are voting for Keith Ellison.

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