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May 14 2019

Kiddie Cartoon Arthur Pushes LGBT Propaganda

A civilization like the one we have developed over the past several thousand years is not passed along in the genes. Children gradually absorb it. As they become civilized, they are increasingly able to push back against people who want to tear down their civilization by rejecting its values and eroding its dignity. That’s why the younger the children, the better subjects they make for brainwashing with LGBT propaganda.

The strategy makes perfect sense. But being understandable does not make it forgivable:

The animated children’s cartoon “Arthur” started its 22nd season Monday with quite the celebration: Mr. Ratburn, the beloved teacher to Arthur and his friends, came out as gay and married the man of his dreams.

The news media, which has vigorously advanced the same agenda, is delighted.

The best part of the entire episode is that the kids don’t even question Mr. Ratburn’s sexuality and instead talk about how happy he looks.

It seemed as if Mr. Ratburn was going to marry a woman who was disliked by the kids, but then everything turned out joyously happy in the end because Mr. Ratburn is a pervert.

At best, they are exploiting innocent children to advance a sick agenda. At worst, corrupting the innocence of children is an end in itself. How else to explain Desmond Napoles?

By the way, Arthur, which targets 4- to 8-year-olds, is produced by PBS. The government forces you to fund it.

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