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Jan 10 2019

Kidnapping Charges for Teasing Transsexual in Women’s Bathroom

Maybe Raleigh isn’t the best place for sexually deranged men to insert themselves into the women’s bathroom at a bar. No worries; if there is any friction, authorities will come down like a ton of bricks in favor of the deviant:

A friend of the transgender victim called 911 at 2:30 p.m. the day after the event to report the incident, telling police that his friend encountered two women in the bathroom of The Milk Bar. They allegedly proceeded to grab the victim’s genitals and asked if they “have a dick or a penis,” followed by one of the women flashing the victim and pulling up their shirt.

She asked, according to the 911 call obtained by The Daily Caller, if the transgender women wanted to see her breast. One of the women is accused of grabbing at the victim’s buttocks, as well.

Until recently, it would have been understood by one and all that a guy deliberately busting into the ladies’ room deserves far worse. Yet authorities have charged the women not only with sexual battery but with second-degree kidnapping. If convicted for this horseplay, the women will have to register as sex offenders.

No injury was alleged. The transsexual went back to the bar. The girls kept teasing him; the bartender told them to knock it off and they did. If his friend hadn’t called the cops the next day, that would have been the end of it.

Let that be a lesson. Transsexuals are at the top of the Cultural Marxist caste system. What would be a minor infraction against a regular person will result in outlandishly draconian penalties where a politically sacred transsexual is involved. Equity means that all of us are equal, but nowhere near as equal as the supposedly oppressed.

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