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Feb 13 2020

Klobuchar: Somali Colonists Are Minnesota

As we have seen, supposedly moderate Democrat candidates Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden are not moderate at all, even in the context of a party dominated by maniacs. Buttigieg favors infanticide, decriminalizing heroin and meth, and erasing Thomas Jefferson. Biden denounces “white man’s culture,” calls Republicans the “dregs of society,” and backstabs his own country abroad. At least the Dems have Amy Klobuchar. She’s short on charisma, but she isn’t a radical. Oh wait…

Big League Politics reminds us of her alarming eagerness to pander to foreign colonists at a Somali Independence Day celebration in Minneapolis in 2017, where Klobuchar brayed:

“We have a lot of issues that we must work on. First of all, we cannot cut foreign aid to Somalia. That is wrong! We must support foreign aid for Somalia, and we must stand up when there are hateful things said.”

What gives the federal government the right to confiscate the wealth we create and bestow it upon hostile savages on the other side of the world — much less to import those savages, forbid criticism of their failure to assimilate, and use them to turn a nice city into a violent hellhole (see here, here, here, and here) and major ISIS recruiting hub?

Nothing gives it the right, but people who vote for Klobuchar give it the license.

“When people ask me what is Minnesota, I say: this is Minnesota!” she concluded, pointing to all the Somalis at the event.

Watch her pander:

“This is Minnesota!” That is to say, the video below is Minnesota — or will be, if Democrats have their way:

On a tip from Stormfax.

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