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Sep 27 2018

Kyrsten Sinema Campaign Lies Exposed

The reason Democrats are willing to stoop to any tactic, no matter how despicable, to stall Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation is that they believe they could take control of the Senate this fall, which would allow them to kill any and all Trump nominations. They believe this because states are in play that should not be, including Arizona, where Republican candidate Martha McSally could lose to former pink-tutued Green Party radical Kyrsten Sinema.

Sinema has largely based her campaign on two dubious points: (1) that she is pro-military; and (2) that she grew up in an abandoned gas station with no electricity or running water, and thus understands how important it is for Big Government to see to everyone’s needs.

A dose of what you will be inundated with if you try to watch television in Arizona lately:

Now for a dose of reality:

But court filings obtained by The New York Times contradict that claim. While Sinema’s mother and stepfather did struggle to provide for their daughter, the court filings detailed the monthly electric, phone and gas bills they paid while living in the former gas station owned by her stepfather’s parents in Defuniak Springs, Florida.

Sinema defended her false but oft-repeated claim that her family was homeless by redefining what the word “homeless” means.

“Being homeless is when an individual or family are living in a situation that’s not really stable, when you’re living in a place that’s not meant for living in,” she said.

Next, homelessness will mean not having your own swimming pool.

Sinema’s claims also raised eyebrows at another bastion of a liberal establishment that must be trying very hard to like her.

“They had no electricity and no running water, she says, but, ‘we had a toilet.’ How that toilet was flushed with no running water, she wouldn’t say,” The Washington Post noted

Maybe she carried water from a distant stream in a bucket balanced on her head.

Sinema’s step-aunt Susie Fleming agreed that the building had utilities, telling the Post last month, “I realize this tugs at people’s heartstrings and that was what she was going for, but, you know, it’s not the truth.”

“When they decided to move out here, my dad said, ‘We’ll remodel the building and y’all can live in it,’” she added. “I just get angry when she says it was an abandoned gas station.”

Her pro-military posturing is equally phony, unless it reflects a recent conversion. Have a look at some of the propaganda she was associated with during the Iraq War. A typical flyer depicts an American soldier as a skull-faced fiend. Also, she advocated shutting down local Luke Air Force Base.

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