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Oct 10 2018

Kyrsten Sinema Promoted Infamous Assistant Terrorist Lynne Stewart

A consequence of the ongoing demographic transformation of Arizona is that formerly pink-tutued moonbat Kyrsten Sinema could win a Senate seat here next month. Although she has adopted a more moderate stance recently, if only for strategic reasons, her background is radical even by current Democrat standards. More has come to light:

Sinema, a co-founder of the activist group Local to Global Justice, invited people in a now-closed Yahoo group to attend two events [at Arizona State University] with [Lynne] Stewart, both in 2003.

Stewart, a radical leftist, was the lawyer for Omar Abdel Rahman, an equally radical Muslim cleric, who was sentenced to life in solitary confinement for scheming to blow up the United Nations building, an FBI building, the Holland Tunnel, the Lincoln Tunnel, and the George Washington Bridge in New York City. Blowing up the UN is one thing, but the rest was serious stuff.

Stewart wasn’t just the Blind Sheikh’s lawyer. She was convicted of assisting in his terror operations by passing on his commands from behind bars.

In the circles Kyrsten Sinema moved in at the time, Lynne Stewart was considered a star for opposing the wicked USA.

In the first event’s invite, Sinema said the lawyer was “emphatically not guilty” and would not have been charged with the crime if it weren’t for “the hastily enacted PATRIOT Act,” that expanded the U.S. government’s power to surveil people and thus catch Stewart passing on the messages in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

The “emphatically not guilty” Stewart was found guilty in a court of law. If sanity prevails, Sinema will be found guilty of excessive moonbattery in the court of public opinion.

Stewart also committed perjury, and showed no remorse for helping Islamic terrorists. A more thoroughly evil human being would be difficult to imagine. Yet she was an inspiration to some.

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3 Responses to “Kyrsten Sinema Promoted Infamous Assistant Terrorist Lynne Stewart”

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