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Mar 25 2020

LA Mayor to Shut Off Power and Water to “Nonessential” Businesses

A crisis is a time for tyranny to expand its range of opportunity. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is taking action against “nonessential” businesses that fail to close down during the Wuhan virus panic:

He said the Department of Water and Power will shut off services for the businesses that don’t comply with the “safer at home” ordinance.

While some behave like baby birds during a crisis, waiting for Momma Government to barf some regurgitated worm into their mouths, others are learning the danger of relying on government — and of allowing it too much power.

As of today, Los Angeles County (the most populous in the country) had a total of 11 coronavirus deaths, after confirming its first case 2 months ago. This passes for enough of a crisis for the government to selectively shut off the water and turn out the lights.

For perspective, an average of 2,055 people die in LA County each year of influenza/pneumonia; 1,473 die of chronic liver disease/cirrhosis.

When government officials wield this kind of power, the potential for abuse is obvious.

On tips from Jack Bauer and Stormfax.

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