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Jan 29 2020

Large-Scale Fentanyl Dealers Released in NYC

Under moonbat rule, New York lurches ever closer to anarchy:

Six suspected drug dealers who are accused of running a $7 million fentanyl distribution operation out of a Bronx apartment were released without bail under the state’s new criminal justice law early Wednesday.

As noted previously, New York’s bail reform is insane.

The operation that suffered the temporary inconvenience of a bust is large enough to destroy any number of lives:

Hundreds of thousands of the envelopes packed with the powder were spread across two tables and overflowing from boxes in the apartment, authorities said.

No worries; despite being released, the suspects won’t run away:

The judge ordered them to turn over their passports, as a number of them have connections to the Dominican Republic.

It’s not as if criminals from Latin America could disappear in the sanctuary city of New York. They would stand out in such a tiny community. There are only about 1.1 million illegal aliens in the NYC metro area according to Pew Research. Just don’t call the illegal aliens “illegal aliens”; you can be fined $250,000 per offense for that. Law & Order has to draw the line somewhere.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

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