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Oct 03 2017

Las Vegas Massacre Brings Out the Worst in the Woman Who Won’t Go Away

Horrors like the Las Vegas Massacre bring out the best in some people. In others, they bring out the worst. The maudlin and fatuous Jimmy Kimmel is one example. Shrillary Rotten Clinton is another:

Ever the hypocrite, she urged Americans to “put politics aside.” Then she proceeded to immediately inject politics into the catastrophic shooting in Las Vegas.

Clinton knew she could not call for a ban of a weapon already banned by law. The fully automatic weapon allegedly used by gunman, Stephen Paddock, was made illegal under federal law back in 1986.

So Clinton invented an ancillary argument that more people would have died if Paddock had used a “silencer.” Survivors were still being treated when she began condemning the National Rifle Association and attacking the law on “silencers.”

Suppressors are not effective on full auto weapons like Paddock used. The laws regulating suppressors are already draconian, even though suppressors are virtually never used in crimes —except on TV, where they are inaccurately called “silencers.”

Thanks Shrillary, for reminding us how lucky we are that you are not the president at a time like this.


Tip and graphic compliments of CA.

27 Responses to “Las Vegas Massacre Brings Out the Worst in the Woman Who Won’t Go Away”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hillary, the herpes of politics… and giving us another flare-up.

  2. Frank says:

    More like the HEMORRHOIDS of politics! She’s a 10 on the Richter Ass Discomfort Scale.

  3. George Lortz says:

    STFU, and GTFA !

  4. GUN GRABBER DON says:

    PR never Trumper Shitlery supporting Mayor caught wearing HIGH HEELS during Hurricane disaster!

    Media remains silent..

  5. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Of course she is wearing high heels. If she wore some running shoes, her pant legs would drag on the floor.

    Plus, they make her look far more attractive…just in case the President becomes available.

  6. MikeyParks says:

    There is nothing left to say about Hillary.

  7. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Of course the question is “what would standing up to the NRA have done to prevent this tragedy?”

    The shooter bought these guns legally, apparently each time with an FBI background check. Should we make modifying guns so that they are fully automatic illegal? Or just make it illegal to own a fully automatic gun made since 1986…a law that the NRA supported.

    Sorry….my bad trying to use logic and stuff.

  8. physicsnut says:

    a cab driver recorded this ?
    from start of shooting – pauses
    you can hear different actions – the 2 windows ?

  9. Bodhisattva says:

    We don’t know what the idiot in Vegas was thinking, but I wonder if his dad’s history with Vegas, being arrested there, had anything to do with it. Or if it was just that Vegas was conveniently close to where he lived and a place he often went.

    Now I was thinking – he attacked a Country and Western performance, which suggests he intended to target conservatives in general and possibly Trump voters in particular.

    Did he not have any social media or other presence or did he just manage to scrub it well? The internet does not forget – if he had something somewhere at some time I would think there would be a way to get it back.

    What’s this about the woman who might have been an associate of his that was telling people they were going to die – and now the woman identified as his companion or girlfriend is supposedly in Japan – a country where it’s difficult to get extradition going successfully.

    He sent a great deal of money to the P.I. recently.

    Maybe he decided to be a martyr to the cause of getting gun control legislation passed – certainly this is going to be seen by many as proof positive it’s time to ditch the Second Amendment. Of course 90% of those who will think that already did… it’s the extra 10% that I am worried about.

  10. Bodhisattva says:

    It starts with a burst or two of gunfire doesn’t it?

    I think they said he used some other method to bust the windows.

  11. KHarn says:

    Aw, just make MURDER with or without ANY sort of weapon illegal.

    Wait a minute…

  12. Spiny Norman says:

    Did he not have any social media or other presence or did he just manage to scrub it well?

    He is reported to have had Facebook page, but it’s been locked down. Zuckerberg ain’t gonna let anyone see it without a warrant. Probably not even then.

  13. Spiny Norman says:

    That sounded like echos. Also, Paddock had a suite with windows looking two different directions.

  14. Taters says:

    Video footage of Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock showing him as a Anti-Trump, Democratic, Hillary Clinton supporter. .

  15. Taters says:

    Video footage of Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock showing him as a Anti-Trump, Democratic, Hillary Clinton supporter. .

  16. Fergus says:

    Why will this critter not go away? Doesn’t she realize her snake oil will not sell any better than Obama’s?

  17. 127guy says:

    Shillary has been reading up and “listening” ahead of her 2020 redemption campaign.

    She previously thought that a “silencer” was shutting the door when on the toilet.

  18. Jack Bauer says:

    My God Hillary…..will you do everyone a favor and JUST GO AWAY!!!

    I wish there was some way to fit her damned mouth with a “silencer”!

  19. saturn says:

    Of course it should be politicized: He was in possession of
    1. Antifa material so he was a Democrat
    2. ISIS material so he was a radical Muslim convert.

    Decent people don’t have such material.

  20. IHC says:

    This is a time where I wish this totally corrupt and mentally deranged woman being forced to leave the stage permanently being sick – bedridden sick. I know it isn’t nice but she makes it so difficult to have a good word about her at all. Not only did she paid Antifa $800,000.00 2 months ago to continue the violence against white conservatives and Trump supporters but now she does even more egging on the anarchists. Now so many died and hundreds injured – all attending a country music festival and perceived to be republicans and again conservatives having voted for Trump by a mass murderer that so happen to be a registered democrat in Florida where he lived and she comes along to make more idiotic statements.

  21. IHC says:

    He is registered as democrat in Florida. Go the Melbourne/Australia media and take a close look at the Antifa twitter feed claiming him and his gf as members while bragging about the murders of their ‘perceived enemies’. It’s sickening although the media here would not mention that pesky detail.

  22. IHC says:

    And Antifa member!

  23. Deserttrek says:

    how about everybody STFU or is that even possible

  24. Sarthurk says:

    I just everybody would just start listening!

  25. Sarthurk says:

    ISIS did that too. Who you gonna believe at this point?

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