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Feb 26 2020

Latest Biden Whopper: 150 Million Gun Deaths

It isn’t easy to keep up with the preposterous lies and misstatements blurted out by Joe Biden, but so long as they keep trying to pass him off as a potential President, we should make an effort. Just recently, we have learned that Quid Pro Quo Joe was arrested for trying to visit Nelson Mandela, that he worked on the Paris Agreement with long-dead communist dictator Deng Xiaoping, that he is running for Senate rather than POTUS, and that his son Beau was US Attorney General. Last night, while attempting to outflank even Bernie Sanders on the left during the anarchic Democrat shout fest in Charleston, Biden further revealed that guns in private hands have killed over 150 million Americans — about 46% of the population — since 2007.

Via Daily Caller:

“One hundred fifty million people have been killed since 2007, when [Vermont Sen.] Bernie [Sanders] voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability,” Biden claimed. “More than all the wars, including Vietnam, from that point on. Carnage on our streets.”

Biden promises to prevent the mostly imaginary carnage by suing gun manufacturers for any harm resulting from the misuse of their products.

When it comes time to completely abolish cars in the name of the global warming hoax, Democrats can use the same tactic. How long would Ford stay in business if it were sued for hundreds of $millions every time a drunk driver causes a fatality?

The only difference is that we do not have a constitutional right to own cars.

None of the other candidates pushed back on Biden’s wild claim. This could be for several reasons: (1) Biden’s outrageous lies come so fast and furious that many of them slip past; (2) all of the candidates are on the same page regarding gun rights; and/or (3) during the entire debate, the visibly unhinged Biden looked like he was itching to physically assault the first person to offer a pretext.

On tips from Chuck A and Byron.

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