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May 17 2018

Latest Crackdown by Twitter Drives Countermoonbats to

Remember when a Project Veritas undercover video revealed that Twitter shadow bans conservatives? At first Twitter denied that it shadow bans. Now we read this:

Twitter will now use thousands of behavioral signals when filtering search, replies, and algorithmic recommendations. If it believes you are trying to game its system, or simply acting like a jerk, it will push your tweets lower down. It’s the biggest update so far in the company’s push to create healthier conversations, an initiative announced by its CEO Jack Dorsey in March.

Jack Dorsey is a militant moonbat. His idea of “acting like a jerk” likely equates to espousing views to the right of all the way left.

From The Goldwater:

Twitter announced Tuesday that they were taking steps to limit “behaviors that distort and detract from the public conversation” by downranking content that displays such behaviors. Content that has been downranked will be removed from search results and “public conversations”, according to the company.

Making observations that undermine leftist ideology distorts and detracts from the public conversation, as the many countermoonbats who have been throttled down or shadow banned or had their accounts canceled outright already know.

You do not actually have to violate Twitter’s policies to find yourself restricted. Just rubbing someone at Twitter the wrong way or getting flagged by an algorithm suffices.

For some, this is the last straw. Warden at Ace of Spades makes a case for dumping Twitter altogether:

Conservatives who choose to stay on Twitter–to engage and “fight” the left in the marketplace of ideas will have their content throttled and their influence diminished even as Twitter benefits from their use of the site.

Worse, users on the right are putting their private information in the hands of a company entirely populated by unscrupulous, vengeful leftists who think nothing of doxxing people with whom they disagree.

I can’t emphasize this enough, these people hate you and cannot be trusted. …

It’s time to change direction. Enough is enough. Let’s stop acting like a bunch of battered spouses and exercise our options. Support our friends. Punish our enemies. It’s time to build our own world.

A good place to start is, which is a lot like Twitter except that it is run by libertarians instead of leftists. Already it is up to half a million users. Moonbattery has started an account; maybe you should too.

We were warned.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and Stormfax.

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