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Feb 24 2020

Law Against Arresting Illegal Aliens for Driving Without License

“No one is above the law!” thunder the Democrats while denouncing a president who hasn’t broken any laws. Meanwhile, where Democrats have achieved hegemony, some people are very obviously above the law. Cambridge, Massachusetts is home to Harvard, the Vatican of the liberal religion. There, foreigners who break the law just by being in our country are not arrested even if they are caught driving without a license.

Via Boston 25 News:

It’s the law that you need a license to drive.

But, if you’re undocumented and driving without a license in Cambridge, police have been advised not to arrest you for that.

It’s all part of a new law that passed unanimously in the city, which encourages police to summons unlicensed drivers instead of arresting them. The procedure has already been practiced for a while, but city leaders said they felt compelled to officially make it a law, in fear of what could happen to immigration laws should President Trump be re-elected.

If Trump is reelected, all hell could break loose. Laws might actually be enforced, even against illegal aliens.

So Cambridge needed a law to circumvent the law. Due to the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause, local moonbats can overrule federal law. No wait, it works the other way. Someone needs to tell Cambridge — not to mention the mayors and governors of sanctuary cities and states.

Cambridge City Councilor Quinton Zondervan screeches that this law will keep illegal aliens who drive without a license (and have probably been doing so recklessly or they would not have been pulled over) “out of the clutches of the Trump administration.”

The new law prohibits the police from asking licenseless drivers whether they are in the country legally. Since they won’t know for sure who is an illegal alien and therefore above the law, no one can be arrested for driving without a license.

However, American citizens have to answer a summons. In contrast, illegal aliens “live in the shadows,” as liberals love to remind us. That means they can blow off a summons, just as they blow off their deportation hearings. Our laws don’t apply to a conquering army; the quislings who invited the army see to that.

To state the obvious, this law will not make Cambridge streets safer. Keeping law-abiding citizens safe is not a priority for progressive.

On a tip from Jack Bauer.

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