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Jan 11 2019

Lawsuit: Dropping Football Program Is Racist

The disparate impact ploy is good for more than free rides on the DC Metro. It can be applied to most anything that persons of politically preferred pigmentation might desire. Say a community college can’t afford a football program, but the oppressed want to play. College football teams are comprised mainly of blacks for whom football is the only reason to go through a charade of pretending to acquire higher education. The solution is simple: sue. From metro Phoenix:

Eleven African-American football players are suing the Maricopa County Community College District in federal court over its decision to end the football program.

The players allege cutting the sports program violates federal law because it disproportionately affects African-American students, who make up 62 percent of team rosters. …

The decision to eliminate football “evidences a policy and practice, both written and unwritten, of racial discrimination,” the lawsuit says.

Have a tissue handy if you are easily moved to tears.

The players have suffered damages that include “the indignity of discrimination” and “severe anxiety about their future,” the lawsuit alleges.

In addition to imposing the football program by force and making the district pick up the players’ legal bills, the suit ought to demand a few $million in damages for all that pain and suffering.

The district wants to nix football mainly for financial reasons; it will save an estimated $989,000 annually, money that would be more appropriately spent on education. Other concerns include injuries, lack of interest, low student retention among football players, “and football’s low academic performance compared with other sports.”

Since most of the players are black, saying that football players demonstrate low academic performance is racist and therefore possibly grounds for further legal action. Another lawsuit might target instructors who have failed to address the academic disparity by adjusting grades.

Most of the country’s 1,500 community colleges don’t offer football.

Enterprising lawyers have their work cut out for them.

On a tip from Varla.

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