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Dec 30 2019

League of Legends’ First Woman Pro-Gamer Was a Guy

When society succumbs to a totalitarian ideology like moonbattery, everything you read is lie. Consider this headline:

Remilia dead: League of Legends’ first woman pro-gamer dies suddenly aged 24

From the sad story of Remilia’s demise:

Real name Maria Creveling, from the US, she was the first ever woman to compete professionally in the game.

She won a spot in the League of Legends Championship Series in 2015 as part of the esports team Renegades. …

Remilia – who was transgender…

So despite his “real name” being Maria, Remilia the first woman pro-gamer was a man.

Like literally all transsexuals, he had mental issues, which he described as “most notably anxiety and self-esteem issues.” He underwent a botched sex change operation that left him in extreme pain from nerve damage.

The cause of death is unknown. I would put money on suicide, which is epidemic among transsexuals.

Nonetheless, the media encourages the mentally ill to indulge in transsexual delusions at every opportunity. This pushes political correctness to the border between irresponsibility and sheer malice.

Congratulations to Remilia on his gaming accomplishments, even if they did not include being the first woman League of Legends pro-gamer. People should be remembered for what they were, not for what they pretended to be.

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