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Jan 27 2019

Learn to Code, Moonbat Propagandists

BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and Gannett newspapers have been laying off propagandists in large numbers. Leftist social activism passed off as news must not be selling as well as it used to. The unjust treatment of the Covington Catholic kids by the viciously vindictive liberal media establishment won’t do much to restore public trust, so look for more layoffs. Luxuriating in schadenfreude, countermoonbats have encouraged liberal propagandists to learn to code. The advice has been received with very little gratitude, as noted by Black Pigeon Speaks:

Hey, what do you mean establishment media propagandists are WordPress bloggers at best!

Tip from Kate P.

4 Responses to “Learn to Code, Moonbat Propagandists”

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