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Oct 15 2019

LeBron James Licks the Boots of Slavemasters

LeBron James, who has made over $400 million playing a game for part of each year, snivels that he is oppressed by “old white men” with their “slave mentality” toward grotesquely overpaid prima donnas like himself.

There is a place where the ruling class really does have the kind of mentality he means: communist China. The ChiComs operate over 1,000 slave labor camps. James sides with these slavemasters against the heroic Hong Kong protesters calling for democracy.

Via Yahoo! Sports:

James was accused of turning a blind eye to Chinese repression on Tuesday after he criticized a Houston Rockets executive for angering China with a “misinformed” tweet supporting protesters in Hong Kong.

James told reporters that Rockets general manager Daryl Morey “wasn’t educated” on Hong Kong and should have kept his mouth shut…

Morey’s support for freedom in the face of tyranny discomforted the odious NBA. He has of course apologized.

Watch in horror and disgust as LeBron James throws his weight on the side of tyrants:

No matter how much money they pay you to play basketball, you can’t buy your way out of being a bootlicker.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Now the End Begins.

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