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Jun 28 2020

Leftist Corporations Force Facebook to Censor Political Speech

Reducing America to a totalitarian country that does not allow dissident speech was a big job. It required what German communist Rudi Dutschke called the “Long March Through the Institutions.” One by one, the major pillars of society were infiltrated and subverted by radical leftists. It happened to Hollywood generations ago. It happened to the education and news media establishments. Now radical leftists effectively control corporate America, as has been made obvious by its exuberant support for the devastating riots inflicted by Marxist black supremacists and their allies. They have wasted no time exploiting this leverage to choke off political speech.

Not even Facebook is repressively leftist enough to suit today’s corporate leaders. So they are bringing it into line:

Under mounting pressure from advertisers, Facebook Inc. said it would start labeling political speech that violates its rules and take other measures to prevent voter suppression and protect minorities from abuse.

The phrases “voter suppression” and “protect minorities from abuse” are unadulterated BS. They are talking about censoring speech deemed right of center.

The new policies were announced Friday shortly after The Wall Street Journal reported that consumer-goods giant Unilever PLC is halting U.S. advertising on Facebook and Twitter Inc. for at least the remainder of the year, citing hate speech and divisive content on the platforms.

Another translation from the liberalese: “hate speech” and “divisive content” are both synonymous with conservative thought.

Unilever and other leftist corporations forced Facebook shares down 8% on Friday by threatening to withhold advertising if dissident thought continues to be permitted.

Unilever, whose many household brands include Dove soap, Hellmann’s mayonnaise and Lipton tea, joins a growing list of companies that are boycotting Facebook for varying lengths of time, including Verizon Communications Inc., Patagonia Inc., VF Corp., North Face, Eddie Bauer and Recreational Equipment Inc. …

Coca-Cola Co. went further than most advertisers, announcing on Friday that it was pausing its global ad spending on all social-media platforms for at least 30 days—including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snap Inc.

How ironic that such an iconic American brand would participate in the campaign to erase America and replace it with the most un-American kind of country imaginable.

“There is no place for racism in the world and there is no place for racism on social media,” Coca-Cola Chief Executive James Quincey said in a statement.

“Racism” means anything the Marxist black supremacists of Black Lives Matter would find noncompliant with the ideology they have been using terrorism to impose.

Specific orders were passed down to corporate America from race-based Cultural Marxist organizations:

The Facebook advertising boycott came after civil-rights groups including the Anti-Defamation League and NAACP called on brands to pull ad spending from Facebook for July. The groups said the social-media giant hadn’t made enough progress battling hate speech and misinformation.

“Misinformation” is yet another euphemism for speech leftists don’t want you to hear. This includes speech by the President of the United States:

Among the new measures Mr. Zuckerberg announced Friday, the company will label posts that violate its policies but are deemed newsworthy—giving Facebook the option of labeling President Trump’s posts, as Twitter has done recently.

The militants driving the boycott, who have already cost Facebook $7.2 billion with this campaign, are predictably unsatisfied with Zuckerberg tightening the valve on free speech. Leftists will never settle for less than total control of all political speech. See the USSR, East Germany, Cuba, communist China, etc for details.

They only need one more institution to fall before their agenda can be codified into law. Then accusations of facilitating free speech will lead not to a loss of advertisers, but to arrest. The federal government is already largely under their control. They can wrap up the long march this November. Further steps to facilitate voter fraud will make the election results permanent. The First Amendment will become part of the history they have already begun to erase.

On tips from Scott D, Henry B, and Bluto.

3 Responses to “Leftist Corporations Force Facebook to Censor Political Speech”

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  2. […] idea is to twist Facebook’s arm until it agrees to censor anything Black Lives Matter wouldn’t approve […]

  3. […] idea is to twist Facebook’s arm until it agrees to censor anything Black Lives Matter wouldn’t approve […]

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