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Jun 17 2019

Lesbians Sexually Mutilate, Murder Young Boy

Fashionable though they may be, sexual deviants may not make the best parents. They tend to have issues that are not limited to bedroom behavior. For example, a 9-year-old was recently beheaded by his mother and her lesbian lover:

Mum Rosana Cândido, 27, and Kacyla Pessoa, 28, of Brazil, stabbed the boy over a dozen times and removed all the skin from his face before butchering his body.

Looks like they were caught up in the gender transition fever the media has been promoting:

In a gory twist, they are also accused of tearing off Cândido’s son Rhuan’s penis a year ago during horrifying home-made surgery.

The two women are said to have told investigators they used “rudimentary tools” because Rhuan “wanted to become a girl.”

Local reports say: “After removing his penis, the women said they sewed an improvised version of the female organ onto the mutilated area.”

If that gave you déjà vu, you could be thinking of Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel, the Berkeley lesbians who adopted a boy and then decided that he wanted to be a girl. They started his transition at age 8, using hormones rather than a knife to deform him.

Sick ideas applied by sick people produce sick results.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

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