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Jun 09 2018

Less Than One in a Hundred South African Hospitals Pass Inspection

Among those paying the price for the glorious black-ruled rainbow utopia are patients in South African hospitals:

According to the Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC) report‚ only five of the 696 hospitals and clinics it inspected in 2016-17 complied with the Department of Health’s norms and standards to achieve an 80% “pass mark”.

The OHSC is a statutory body charged with assessing the quality of hospitals and clinics.

The bad situation is getting worse:

The OHSC conducted repeat inspections in facilities that scored below 50%‚ and found many of the hospitals‚ clinics and community health centres had deteriorated over time…

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi assures the public that the government-run healthcare system is not falling apart; however,

Motsoaledi issued a statement on Tuesday conceding that the public health system was overloaded‚ with long waiting times and diminishing quality at some health facilities.

No worries; steps are being taken.

Motsoaledi said he was aware of the lack of hospital management skills and the negative attitudes of staff in many facilities‚ and would deploy 200 officials from the national Department of Health to assist public hospital managers.

This army of Affirmative Action bureauweenies will put the situation to rights in no time.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and Pegon Zellschmidt.

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