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Jun 03 2022

Let Them Eat Grass

Usually while pretending that they can control the weather, our technocratic globalist overlords demand that we eat anything other than a normal human diet: bugs, larvae, weeds, synthetic pseudofood, plastic trash, and even lentils. Now they want us to eat grass:

Researchers say grass could be a ‘silver bullet’ for UK food supplies, increasing production by up to 50pc and making Britain a net food exporter.

No doubt this will be seized upon by the social engineers who tell us that eating meat makes it be too hot outside.

A £2m project, run by the University of Bath and Harper Adams University, is developing technology to turn grass into edible proteins, oils, fibre, vitamins and minerals by breaking down the structure of the grass, and later feeding yeast onto the grass.

Sharing a grass diet with cows would be appropriate, considering that our rulers herd us like cattle, and that the level of witlessness required to take the global warming hoax at face value is downright bovine.

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