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Nov 20 2019

LGBT Agenda Shuts Down Christian Adoption Agency

Why do progressives devote so much emphasis to the depraved LGBT agenda, which caters to a tiny percentage of the population that will vote almost exclusively for Democrats anyway? Because that agenda is a weapon. It has been used to attack reality itself. More concretely, it is used to attack a historic enemy of leftists, Christianity.

It was obvious where this was heading when the Supreme Court tyrannically imposed homosexual “marriage” on the states. It becomes more obvious when Christian adoption agencies are shut down if they will not subject innocent and defenseless children to the horror of homosexual adoption.

From Pennsylvania:

The Diocese of Greensburg recently announced that its Catholic Charities agency was closing its adoption and foster care program after 65 years because the state’s nondiscrimination policy added sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories.

The Greensburg diocese, along with Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and Catholic Charities Counseling and Adoption Services of the Diocese of Erie, sought a religious exemption from the policy in 2018. They were denied.

Not all religions are equal in this country. The liberal religion (i.e., Cultural Marxism) reigns supreme.

Homosexual adoption not only makes a mockery of holy matrimony, it places children in grave danger. At best, they will grow up in a warped environment, deprived of a normal upbringing. At worst, they will be acquired as sex toys (e.g., here, here, here, here) or subjected to gender transitions that deform both body and mind.

Christians cannot agree to homosexual adoption without placing the liberal religion above their own. Once they do so, they are no longer Christian. This seems to be a more effective means of eradicating Christianity than the gulags employed in the Soviet Union.

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