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May 16 2018

LGBT Bully Demands $50,000 from Waxing Spa Because Girl Wouldn’t Give Him a Brazilian Wax

Here is a tough one for the Inquisition-esque Human Rights Tribunals that terrorize Canada: What comes first, facilitating bullying by LGBT militants, or respecting the sensibilities of Muslims? The issue arose at a waxing spa in Windsor:

A local transgender woman [i.e., a man who “identifies” as a woman] claims [he] was denied services based on [his] gender identity and gender expression and is seeking $50,000 for “immense harm to my dignity.”

A guy who goes out in public dressed as a girl like Corporal Klinger is worried about his dignity.

They tried to explain to him that their female staff does not perform Brazilian wax services on male body parts. Once again, the liberal dictum that men are women if they say they are women crashes headlong into objective reality.

Furthermore, due to an illness, the only staff available was a Muslim woman. Nobody cares about Christians or Jews, but Muslims are special.

The transsexual responded by threatening to create a “media circus,” and whimpering his demands to the grotesquely misnamed Human Rights Tribunal.

For once sanity may prevail, due to the Islamic angle.

In a free country, businesses could refuse their services to anyone for any reason. A business transaction must be voluntary on both sides. No one would think Mad Wax has a right to force people to get Brazilian waxes. By the same token, no one has a right to force Mad Wax to perform them.

However, only a moonbat would be likely to mistake progressive Canada for a free country.

On a tip from Steve T.

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