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Nov 15 2018

LGBT Caravan Invades

What do you get when you cross The Camp of the Saints with a San Francisco bathhouse? The LGBT caravan! Here it comes:

The front line of what [any reasonable person would acknowledge as an] “invasion” has arrived at the U.S. border — dozens of lesbian, gay and transgender asylum seekers from Central America.

Any pretext will do when it comes to invading the USA, including having the LGBT card to play.

Small groups have split off from the main Central American caravan moving north through Mexico, and they are made up of people fleeing an array of dangers and difficulties: Guatemalans leaving behind poverty, Hondurans escaping gang violence, Nicaraguans running from a harsh political crackdown. The groups have also become a refuge for those persecuted because of their sexual orientation.

Whatever a Third Worlder’s alleged problem may be, the solution is simple: illegally cross the US border and climb aboard the gravy train.

The LGBT invaders bleat piteously that they are oppressed by the other invaders, who fail to revere their sexual diversity and even call them “ugly names.”

Certainly, you would not object to your country being invaded by an army of Central American welfare colonists who are sexual deviants. That would make you not only a nationalist, a xenophobe, and a racist but also a homophobe and a transphobe. Such a person would not dare go out in public for fear of being set upon by an angry liberal mob.

Already the LGBT caravan invaders have been climbing the fence…

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